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#ebbfgovernance - Better Listening, Better Decisions, Better Governance: What can 350 years of Quaker Business Method and the latest business thinking teach us?

Eoin McCarthy FIC CMC MBA (Warwick) and Sarah James Wright will be amongst the over 20 speakers at the next ebbf international annual conference #ebbfgovernance and have offered this insightful article for you.

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“Business that blindly serves its own ends is no longer sustainable from an economic, let alone a ecological standpoint. We need to conduct business with an awareness of its relationship to and impact on the individuals it touches and the communities and ecosystems it is a part of. But how can we determine what is best for the system as a whole? To help us reframe our approach, we can access a range of tools, both time-honoured and modern, that all point to a fresh set of leadership capacities and the value of deep listening.

The idea that business can serve more than its own financial interests isn’t new. The Quaker Business Method has been in use for over 350 years and helps organisations reach decisions that everyone can agree to, without leaving individuals feeling unheard.  Quakers keep on returning to it as a model that works, and now, with increasing attention being paid to diversity, inclusivity, transparency and just process, more and more organisations are becoming interested in this method of conducting business meetings and arriving at decisions.

It’s markedly different from the decision-making taking place in most organisations. Recognising that human beings and all other life and matter are mysteriously interconnected, the primary objective is to seek unity in decisions: to find a way forward that is



#ebbfgovernance - ebbf celebrating women and #genderequality


ebbf board member Wendi Momen is currently in New York, also offering workshops during the United Nation’s annual Commission on the Status of Women, to bring home the realities and possibilities of a gender balanced governance.

Together with Ralph Blundell and Maja Groff she will also offer a keynote during ebbf’s annual conference #ebbfgovernance


She has a broader question for you:

what has been your experience, does anything change when you put feminine leadership in a governance structure?


In the meantime we celebrated just a few of the many ebbf women and their continued impact around the world in ebbf’s last news letter




#ebbfmember Roy Steiner on "learning from the future" and "about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion" at the Omidyar Network

Two very interesting articles from #ebbfmember Roy Steiner caught our attention.
First “Learning from the Future” an exchange with his colleague at the Omidyar Network, Eshanthi Ranasinghe, who worked with The Future Hunters to scan the horizon and develop a report on 10 trends to watch over the coming year. He talked with her about why it’s important to develop this foresight muscle and implications she sees for the field. ( Read Here ).

Roy then shared “5 Lessons learned about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) at the Omidyar Network” with ideas on various topics such as
(1) Political crises open the door to conversation
(2) Staff knows your organization best
(3) Use peak experiences to build momentum
(4) Resources signal commitment
(5) Use partners to bolster your efforts

You can interact with other similarly inspiring people at #ebbfgovernance ebbf’s next international event

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