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Climate Change & Materialism: Challenges for an Ever-Advancing Civilization

You can enjoy reading highlights from a webinar in this ebbf / wilmette webinar series, with #ebbfmember Gary Reusche.
Addressing questions about Social Action, How should we join movements? How do we choose which movements are worth joining? How do we get involved with youth groups, if that’s where the energy is? How can we make our legislators do what’s right? and more…



Building Economically Cohesive Communities

You can now read the summary (written by Sara DeHoff) or watch the recording of the webinar offered by Jean Parker on “Building Economically Cohesive Communities”.



ebbf JADE partnership creates pro bono experts for your company

Daniel Schaubacher is the longest serving member of ebbf’s external affairs team and has created yet another great partnership for ebbf that is now being put to use for the benefit of ebbf members’ companies.

If you are seeking for professional help, JADE/JE Europe-Jr Entrepreneurs offer FREE engineering, management, marketing, computer & feasibility consulting services to:

a) encourage, facilitate the creation of sustainable enterprises

b) promote an intergenerational dialogue and contacts with younger engineering and business professionals

See the attached document for more info.

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