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ebbf Sarajevo event brings out the essence of what an ethical company actually looks like

ebbf-sarajevoWe share with you an example of the kinds of local ebbf events, that bring to various parts of the world the learning and exploration of new ideas through ebbf’s meaningful conversations.

This time it is the ebbf Sarajevo team who shares the learning from on of their series of local ebbf events where these five questions were covered:

. What are the differences between ethical and non-ethical businesses?
. In what ways can a company create a good reputation?
. Why is multiculturalism beneficial for an organization?
. Why is it important for people to know the purpose of an organization and their role in it?
. What are the benefits to companies for providing a service to the community?

Read on to view some of the thinking that came out from the conversation …


A letter from the ebbf board - ebbf members acting on SDGs

ebbf-board-2016Dear ebbf community,

your ebbf board recently consulted on the new United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and in the attached letter invites you and the rest of the ebbf community spread over 50 countries to get involved.  The SDGs are also an opportunity for partnerships with many like-minded groups and individuals.

The ebbf board hopes the attached document be an opportunity for you to read, study and act.

Please feel free to contact us for more information and to share your proposed activities, plans and learnings on the new “ebbf acting on SDGs” platform.

With loving greetings,

The ebbf board

Click here to view the ebbf board’s letter


See keynotes, photos and what we learnt about #BuildingCapacity from recent ebbf international event

screen-shot-2016-10-18-at-12-33-20If you are looking for highlights from the recent international ebbf event where we explored and found ways to implement Capacity Building in our organizations, you can click here.

You can find there downloadable keynotes from the three day event, photos, a storify of key learnings and ways to keep informed and to join the new ebbf crowdsourced learning project.

Last but not least the announcement of the next ebbf international annual conference that will take place on … click to find out.

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