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Daniel Truran

Learning from global experts about best ways to build and harness communities

We asked three ebbfmember experts in community building: what are you observing right now about the role and behaviour of communities?
What are some of the best ways to create, join, harness communities to both deal with the present crisis and build a more resilient future?
Here is what
Todd Khozein , Jenna Nicholas and Carrie Freeman shared with a global audience during a recent ebbf webinar:

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READ here Sara Dehoff’s article  

Daniel Truran

In this temporary but deep crisis, how can we build, join harness communities? We hear from threee global ebbf experts.

We asked three of ebbf’s most prominent and experienced community builders Jenna Nicholas (CEO of Impact Experience) and Todd Khozein + Carrie Freeman (co-founders of Second Muse) to share their insights to help us build, join, adapt our local and international communities.

When & Where
Thursday, 2nd of April at 18:00 (Geneva time) = 09:00 PST = 12:00 EST
ONLINE using ebbf’s zoom link



Local ebbf events go ONLINE , an opportunity for you to join a wider community

Specially in challenging times, knowing there is an active community there to accompany us all, our thinking, our being, our actions is giving us energy. If you are interested to join local ebbf events here are two that have moved online and that you might be interested to join:

27th March – EBBF Netherlands
How can we build resilient companies / communities?


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