Living the spirit of service at the Baha'i World Centre

ISRAEL – Mamie stopped working at her company to move to Haifa to volunteer as a recruiter at the Office of Personnel of the Baha’i World Centre, the spiritual and administrative centre of the Bahá’í Faith. Part of her responsibilities are to ensure a smooth transition of international staff that as herself moved to Israel for periods of service between 12 months and 5 years.
Recently she is also serving as a liaison between the Office of Personnel and other department coordinators working for the well-being of the volunteers and maximizing department performances.

Born in Cameroon, ebbf member Mamie Ghogomu has studied Finance and International Studies at the University of Houston and worked with Ascende from 2007 as an Associate on Health and Welfare and was Senior Associate Global Solution Specialist when she left in March 2012.

Mamie Ghogomu
Mamie Ghogomu

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    I would like to get in touch with you in order to better my understand on spiritual empowerment and having a strong bond of service to humanity is pivotal through the revelation of Baha’u’llah.. thanks so much for your brief description..

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    Alláhu abha. Quiero. Mis servicios
    En el área de seguridad. Experiencia 25años en deferentes puestode responsabilidad.

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