Martina Cinicola needing energy, creating her local ebbf event to get it and offering it

 ITALY – Martina felt like she needed some energy and inspiration and so decided to invite a few friends to a Milan ebbf aperitivo gathering.  She commented “It was a great group and we had a very, very nice time and I hope it gave new energy and meaning to everyday life.” Some of the other ebbf members present at the gathering were Beppe Robiati, Lorenzo Solimene, Margherita Maggie Pagani, Corrado Blandini, Monica Ongis, Daniele De Cillis, Enrico Giraudi and Valentina Masu. They are planning to make it a monthly gathering and in each session fundraise for a small, helpful project.

Martina actively collaborates with ebbf on communication and fundraising strategy development and analysing possible partners. She works as Special Corporate Events & CSR Manager for Louis Vuitton.

Left to right

Some of the participants of this meaningful gathering

Martina Cinicola
Martina Cinicola

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