Want to join Marjo Lips-Wiersma taking you through a "map of meaning" helping you create a more meaningful workplace?

Marjo Lips-wiersmaebbf member Marjo Lips-Wiersma was one of the participants at the recent ebbf annual conference and also a world expert in the area of Meaningful Work. She will now run a one-off three day workshop on meaningful work in the Netherlands together with Lani Morris (Msc in sustainability and action inquiry from Bath University) Their book on meaningful work, The Map of Meaning has just sold out and they are working on a second edition, which will include case studies of the implementation of their work by many of the participants of their workshops.

We asked Marjo, what are some of the key findings about Meaningful Work?

1)      Blue, pink and white collar workers have the same desire for meaningful work.

2)      Leadership, as it is presently done, does not create meaningful work.

3)      Corporate Social/Environmental Responsibility does not, in itself, create meaningful work.

4)      Meaningful work does not only require consultation, but also the power to change one’s circumstances (the culture and structure of the organisation)

5)      Given their innate spiritual capacity, human beings know what is meaningful (but forget or have too many obstacles put in their way

6)      Creating meaningful work is a bottom up rather than top down process

7)      Meaningful work is holistic concept and as such is  much more than making a difference, or finding one’s life purpose, alone.

Do you want to know how to co-create meaningful work  based on solid-peer-reviewed research findings and ongoing action learning from our by now hundreds of workshop participants? Do you want to immediately apply the workshop knowledge/together with your own expertise and wisdom ? Would you like to generate a case study for the second edition of our book? Would you like the opportunity (but you can decide post-workshop) to become a certified Meaningful Work practitioner through and action learning/reflection/accompaniment process? If so join her workshop.

To see if this one-off opportunity is for you, please go to:  http://www.inpractice.nl/agenda/10-06-2016_introduction+to+the+map+of+meaningful+work/

Marjo is New-Zealand based where she is a Professor/Hoogleraar in Sustainability and Ethics Leadership. She works  in the US, Scandinavia, UK (Oxford) and Europe. The workshop material is designed to be immediately  actioned  and to be used in multiple settings – personal, group, community and organisation.


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  • Thinking further about this, 3 stands out for me having worked in a socially responsible company and seen so many co-workers struggling between the promise of meaning and it intermittency or in some cases absence. They doubted themselves because of the mythology of the company.

    I would suggest an amendment to “creating meaningful work is a bottom up rather than top down process”. There is an implicit social contract between people who work together that is simultaneously bottom up and top down as well as side to side. To deny one dimension misses opportunity. Meaning is, as 7 states, holistic.

    • James, thanks for your insightful comments. The question is what element of the social contract top down then needs to fulfill. This has usually much more to do with removing obstacles to meaningful work and less to do with ‘inspirational leadership’.

      • Meaning from neurology up is made by making connections. Old school management would make decisions and leave it up to everyone else to make sense of it and coordinate all the conflicting messages and priorities. There is no one right answer, but I’ve seen those two relationships flip – decisions are made close to the customer/close to the action/close to the information. The role of management becomes more one of coordination. That role is enabled by perspective not by authority.

  • This is well said and not often said enough. Very insightful. Thank you

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