Letter from the ebbf board: The Value of Moderation - A Focus on Wealth Inequality

What are your views on wealth inequality and the value of moderation, and possible solutions to the problems of our time? How can the ‘spiritual enterprise’ contribute a way forward?

With its latest letter, the ebbf board has initiated an exploration of one of ebbf’s seven core values – Moderation – inspired by the 1st of March 2017 Letter of the Universal House of Justice.

You can engage in a first face to face conversation on this topic with ebbf board members and like-minded people from around the world during the next international event 12th to 15th of October.

Or share now your own reactions to the letter and questions that arise in your mind,  here on ebbf’s linkedIn channel.



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    As long as “the members of the government” do not consider the laws of God when framing plans; as long as they continue to reduce taxes on extremely wealthy instead of investing in infrastructure, education and a healthy public; as long as little voluntary sharing of wealth is happening; as long as governments do not do anything to end extreme poverty by ending the extreme concentration of wealth; as long as governments and businesses do nothing to ensure workers are paid a living wage we can do the following:
    * encourage individuals to stop purchasing goods produced by wealthy individuals, celebrities, or businesses that have extremely wealthy owners or managers; stop subsidizing the income of the wealthy.

    * encourage individuals not to befriend or “follow” extremely wealthy individuals, such as celebrities, sport figures, etc, on social media; such actions contribute to these wealthy people’s accumulation of wealth; in other words, it subsidized their income.

    * Encourage individuals to stop consuming goods needlessly, especially on borrowed money.

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