Mindful people

We are a global community of people active in over 50 countries.

The workplaces we want to make more meaningful and purposeful are the multinational corporations we direct, the enterprises we have created, the universities and business schools where we teach and learn, the global institutions such as the World Bank, United Nations where we serve, the non profit organisations we aim to make more effective.

We are innovators and change makers who humbly wish to explore how we can use our workplace to make a positive difference. We are women and men, we are European, Asian, African, North and South American, Middle Eastern and Australian. We are committed to making a difference by applying ethical values in our daily working lives.

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Operational teams

A number of talented individuals assist ebbf’s key activities and accompany those of its very diverse membership, active in over 50 nations.

As you can see from the image below, ebbf enjoys a totally flat organizational structure where the elected Governing Board (see below) and the nominated Advisory Council members provide guidance to the Secretariat and the Operational Team [ADD LINK TO OPERATIONAL TEAM] running day-to-day activities. The Secretariat also coordinates the work of seven Task Teams (in green in the image) offering their services in each of their relevant areas of action. Each of the nine ebbf key activities is championed by an individual you should contact to start to use or contribute to one of those activities.

Board Structure & Teams

The ebbf elected board

The ebbf is overseen by a Governing Board of seven members and a Director General, who are elected at the same time each year during the annual general meeting. There, every ebbf member has a chance to vote for – and to be voted onto – the Governing Board.The Board meets several times during the year, elects the officers and develops and approves plans and major projects and events.

Meet this year’s ebbf Elected Board Members and Director General:

Stephanie Akkaoui Hughes (Lebanon/Netherlands)

Stephanie Akkaoui HughesStephanie is part of a new breed of young visionary architects, who operate beyond the nowadays-restrained realm of architecture. A strong advocate of value created through cross-disciplinary interactions, Stephanie believes that the most sustainable innovation will happen at the intersection of different fields. Sustainability, as she defines it is the daily innovative solutions and opportunities we ought to actively create for a sustained long-term future.

Arthur Dahl (Switzerland/France/USA)

Arthur DahlA research scientist with over 40 years of international experience in environmental sustainability. Arthur Dahl brings to the governing board more than 40 years’ international experience in the environment and sustainability. He holds a PhD in Marine Biology from the University of California.

Paul Hughes (Ireland)

paul_hughesPaul Hughes tells stories to create individual and organizational transformation. Through his ‘Ten Meters of Thinking’ series he unrolls timeless stories that are applied to timely contexts to create transformation. This transformation is an ongoing path where he uses design & branding to pave the way and offer signposts for the journey, which he coaches participants to walk with practical steps.

paulhughes.nl & tenmetersofthinking.com

Françoise LeGoff (France)

Françoise LeGoff

For most of her professional life Françoise Le Goff  has been driving a robust and creative humanitarian diplomacy agenda in the African region on behalf of the International Red Cross and built strong and operationally important partnerships with key stakeholders, including UN agencies, embassies, regional governmental networks such as SADC and the EU, academia and NGOs.

Mika Korhonen (Finland)

Mika KorhonenMika Korhonen is passionate about transforming organizations. He helps to build values-based lean and agile age culture by combining transformational change and continuous improvement. His personal mission is “making the world a better place”. He has taken a role of a catalyst and an accelerant within organizations desiring to change. He contributes first by bringing in the initial zeal and zest, and helps to create an environment that allows individuals to reach best possible results.

Wendi Momen (UK)

Wendi MomenA founder member of the ebbf and a social activist working for the betterment of humanity. Wendi Momen’s key focus is on the advancement of women and their participation in decision-making at all levels, on sustainable living and on social justice. She is Secretary-General of ebbf, board member of UN Women UK National Committee, a Trustee of the Multi-Faith Centre at the University of Derby, Trustee of the Bedford Council of Faiths, a Non-Executive Director of NHS Bedfordshire, co-founder of Advance and a board member of Naserian.

Mahmud Samandari (Switzerland)

Mahmud SamandariMahmud Samandari is a coach for startups at the Swiss federal Commission for Technology and Innovation, CTI.  He is also the CEO of InnovaRadio, a company that develops technology for Energy efficiency solutions for the Wireless Industry.  He is a founder of EBBF and a member of its Board. He is a serial entrepreneur, having started companies in the fields of IT, telecommunications and education both in Europe and Latin America.

Daniel Truran (UK/Italy/Spain)

daniel_truran_2012Director General of the ebbf and passionate advocate of innovation and ethics in business. Daniel Truran is passionate about connecting individuals to their integrity, creativity and ethics – inspiring them into action by linking them to other like-minded doers. He demonstrates, through innovative enterprises, how ethical behaviour in business is directly linked to success. Daniel promotes the movement towards a world that will act, behave and be organised as one country – where the creativity of its diverse citizens will enhance the well-being and prosperity of humankind.

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