unity in diversity – ebbf’s meaningful monday at work humour

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unity in diversity

unity in diversity

Our usual “meaningful monday at work humor” column is back, dedicated this time to the concept of Unity in Diversity.
With the excuse we offer you an extract from the ebbf publication “emerging values for a global society”
( more ebbf publications here: http://ebbf.org/mindful-people/publications )

The european baha’i business forum was founded on the twin principles of the oneness of humanity and of unity in diversity.
These principles are strikingly congruent with the emerging global society. In an increasingly interdependent world, they will come to be seen as both essential operating principles and as goals of the worldcommunity, applying to institutions of local governance as well as to the corridors of global decision-making; from the smallest hamlet to the great metropolis, and from the individual farmer to the transnational corporation.

The principle of the oneness of humanity provides a framework for restructuring relationships within the human family, be they enterprises or individuals. It calls for rebuilding society, one unified in all essential aspects, including its political machinery, trade and finance yet watchful to protect cultural diversity. We believe that the fruit of humanity’s unification will be a lasting and universal peace. This achievement will provide us with the opportunity to focus attention on moral and spiritual growth and to concentrate our energies on increasing the well-being and prosperity of humankind.

We are confident that the successful leaders and entrepreneurs of the future, following these principles, will integrate considerations of social responsibility and environmental sustainability into their decision-making. In providing products and services, they will welcome diversity, and be sensitive to local needs and practices. For their employees, they will offer opportunities for real personal growth while also pursuing global strategies in marketing, manufacturing and research. By so doing, they will create wealth and value for shareholders and other stakeholders in their enterprises and communities.”

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