Local ebbf events go ONLINE , an opportunity for you to join a wider community

Specially in challenging times, knowing there is an active community there to accompany us all, our thinking, our being, our actions is giving us energy. If you are interested to join local ebbf events here are two that have moved online and that you might be interested to join:

27th March – EBBF Netherlands
How can we build resilient companies / communities?


Join this global sharing of experiences


What we learnt from the dialogue with annual conference speaker TED General Counsel Nishat Ruiter

You can now view the video summary of the  dialogue to rethink success ( the theme of ebbf’s 30th annual conference ) and the fourth in a series of exploratory sessions to give you new ideas and insights to reflect upon and take into action in your workplace. ( see here past video summaries )

Redefining success by acknowledging the unity of our spiritual and material well being.


SEE HERE the video dialogue


View video summary of the dialogue about "success" with the CEO of Honeywell High Growth Shane Tedjarati, annual conference speaker

In case you missed it , you  can view the video summary of the online dialogue with one of ebbf’s annual conference speakers Shane Tedjarati
to explore and  Rethink Success in the context of global multinationals and personal leadership.

You can also check out the next dialogues clicking on the same link.


SEE here the video of the dialogue and next events 


What we learnt about Rethinking Success' dialogue with ebbf annual conference speaker Layli Miller-Muro

What did we learn from this dialogue, rethinking success ( the theme of ebbf’s 30th annual conference ) the second in a series of exploratory sessions giving you new ideas and insights to reflect upon and take into action in your workplace.

How does your organization, who defended +25,000 courageous individuals, women and girls fleeing violence since 1997, identify success?
How do you measure your rate of success on justice, at the Justice Center? What do donors ask for in terms of success and what makes them decide whether you are or not their organization of choice? What do you do to choose the right kind of donor?
How do you make sure that your +100 team understands and lives the values of your organization?
How do you approach consultation at the Tahirih Justice Center?
What is the role of spirituality and of spiritually inspired leadership in your personal experience?
You can find details of the ebbf annual conference and of future ebbf events here:

More about Layli and the other conference speakers at this link

See here the video summary


Enrico Giraudi's keynote on powering spirituality into material workplaces #rethinkmaterialism from duality to congruence

When #ebbfmember Enrico Giraudi decided to listen to his call for meaning and quit his job he probably did not know he was starting to live one of the best pages of his life.
In this eye-opening keynote, he shared his personal journey and what we can learn about balancing our spirituality and our materialism in our lives and workplaces.
Moving from duality to congruence by dreaming, proofs and action.
This is one of the over 20 sessions offered at the last ebbf annual conference where we explored how to #rethinkmaterialism

You can view his video session here

And you can
read his related interview here

View story at


You can now watch the opening keynote by Sabha Sobhani at ebbf's recent annual conference #rethinkmaterialism

Very interesting and insightful keynote offering key elements from UNDPs research on the way forward for business to create a new economic system and also a stronger business model. How it can truly #rethinkmaterialism

Thank you Sahba Sobhani for your keynote titled:
“How the SDGs can contribute to people, planet and prosperity. A Baha’i perspective on the findings of the Business and Development Commission”

You can also book your place for ebbf’s next and 30th anniversary annual event

more info here


Monday 13th May last online learning opportunity to interact with #rethinkmaterialism speakers

ebbf has created for you this last chance for a one hour online interaction with another of ebbf annual conference’s speakers Sahba Sobhani  (unless you are joining him at ebbf’s annual conference in Geneva) .

You can hear his views and then interact in an open debate with participants from around the world on:

Rethinking Materialism 

how can SDGs contribute to 
people, planet and prosperity?

Just click and log into ebbf’s zoom videoconference link

at 20:00 (CEST = Geneva Time)

or maybe just 5 minutes earlier to make sure you don’t miss any part of this LAST pre-annual conference one-hour learning opportunity.


Don't miss opportunity to rethink business - online course registrations ending now

Don’t miss the opportunity to Rethink the Purpose of Business and enjoy this online course offered by #ebbfmember  Jean Parker (also producer of ebbf’s #discoveringhow podcast ) and ebbf’s Dean of Education Nabil Elias .

REGISTER HERE , registrations closing now:



less than one month to join global audience and #rethinkmaterialism

Recent news of the record donations towards the Notre Dame rebuilding have re-opened the conversation about how materialism should serve the community. Clearly ebbf’s RethinkMaterialism annual conference addresses a very timely theme;
we aim to avoid superficial conclusions and instead go deep into exploring the underlying assumptions that are sustaining old materialistic approaches.


Invite your colleagues and friends to explore with people who have registered literally from all over the world, to rethink meaningfully and then find applications in our workplaces of a new, better, way to balance material and spiritual to build the future of business and of society.



Rethinking Enterprise Leaderships with Accompaniment - event presenter Moneshia Zu Eitz's views to #RethinkMaterialism


Moneshia Zu Eitz will be one of the over 20 presenters who will help us to Rethink Materialism at ebbf’s next annual conference .

You can join her and the global group of people building the future who will be in Geneva or start to read more about her ideas on how we can create new systemic change through news ways of collective actions.
Below the link to her article, perhaps you can share it in your workplace and get new conversations started?

Enter Accompaniment … what does that mean?

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