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Rethink Success a dialogue with ebbf annual conference speaker Layli Miller-Muro

Join this dialogue to rethink success ( the theme of ebbf’s 30th annual conference ) and the second in a series of exploratory sessions to give you new ideas and insights to reflect upon and take into action in your workplace.

Rethinking Success: Reexamining Justice
What does success look like in the context of pursuing justice?
Is the goal to punish someone or is the goal unity?


More about Layli and the other conference speakers at this link

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How did Arthur Dahl #RethinkSuccess ? watch the latest pre-annual conference speaker dialogue

You can now view the dialogue Arthur Dahl offered in the first of ebbf’s pre-annual conference dialogues, exploring ebbf/IEF’s #rethinksuccess annual conference theme – truly an amazingly wide scenario of systems-thinking ideas, criteria and questions addressed.

If you have a question you would like to ask Arthur, don’t hesitate to post in the comments in this post:

You can find details of the next ebbf dialogue here

You can furthermore find Arthur’s latest book “In Pursuit Of HOPE: A Guide For The Seeker” here :



Letter from the ebbf board - COP25 what can business do to fight climate change

COP 25, the opportunity to accelerate a new  economic system” A letter from the ebbf board on the opening day of #COP25 #rethinksuccess



Latin America is on fire! Why did it happen and how can the problems be fixed?

Excellent in depth analysis of the reasons behind the current round of protests and the solutions, the best ways for economic systems to move forward and create shared prosperity. #rethinksuccess by #ebbfmember Augusto Lopez-Claros

View here his views and insights …


Highlights video of ebbf UK's national event with the best line-up of speakers ever

You can now watch the very short highlights video of ebbf UK’s national event with the best line-up of speakers ever,
covering a great theme “Collaborative business: how organizations and people can transform each other”



Possible futures and the limits of the Enlightenment: the path from adolescence to maturity of the human race

Steven Phelps attended a recent ebbf event.
Here are some of his reflections of the conversations he had, relating to how our deepest values and beliefs about the world are translated into practical and visible structures and outcome.

Read here Steven’s thinking


#rethinksuccess : Name at least three conditions of injustice you would like to address in a present or future economic development activity

#rethinksuccess : Name at least three conditions of injustice you would like to address in a present or future economic development activity. #ebbfmember W.Gijs Van De Fliert shares unusual ways to see underlying conditions of success.

Read here Gijs’ ideas

If you want to come and #rethinksuccess with a global group of action-driven learners join us for ebbf’s 30th anniversary annual conference:

Annual Conference Early Bird Tickets still available


What questions do you have for ebbf’s board ?

The annually elected ebbf governing board is about to hold its third annual board meeting 2nd to 3rd of October.

It welcomes any question you might wish to pose to the board regarding ebbf, its future strategy, the global ebbf community or absolutely any ebbf-related question you wish the board to address and respond to.


More about ebbf’s governance and the role of the board:

Amongst the items on ebbf’s agenda will be its 30th celebratory annual conference



Enrico Giraudi's keynote on powering spirituality into material workplaces #rethinkmaterialism from duality to congruence

When #ebbfmember Enrico Giraudi decided to listen to his call for meaning and quit his job he probably did not know he was starting to live one of the best pages of his life.
In this eye-opening keynote, he shared his personal journey and what we can learn about balancing our spirituality and our materialism in our lives and workplaces.
Moving from duality to congruence by dreaming, proofs and action.
This is one of the over 20 sessions offered at the last ebbf annual conference where we explored how to #rethinkmaterialism

You can view his video session here

And you can
read his related interview here

View story at


You can now watch the opening keynote by Sabha Sobhani at ebbf's recent annual conference #rethinkmaterialism

Very interesting and insightful keynote offering key elements from UNDPs research on the way forward for business to create a new economic system and also a stronger business model. How it can truly #rethinkmaterialism

Thank you Sahba Sobhani for your keynote titled:
“How the SDGs can contribute to people, planet and prosperity. A Baha’i perspective on the findings of the Business and Development Commission”

You can also book your place for ebbf’s next and 30th anniversary annual event

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