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Yi Chi
Yi Chi

US – Randie Gottlieb Promoting Diversity through Education


UnityWorks recently launched a pilot training program with four schools in Yakima, Washington State, US. The program covered issues of race, gender, language, social class, prejudice, stereotyping and other diversity topics. In February, UnityWorks completed its first intensive 40-hour diversity training for staff and students. During the training, the participants put together their “Diversity Action Plans” for the remainder of the academic year.

UWF training 2015

Founded September 2013, UnityWorks also offers workshop materials, presentations and a curriculum for school children. The Foundation’s current focus is to multiply the programs across US, teaching thousands of teachers and students about unity in diversity.

Daniel Truran

Malaysia - Nooshin Erfani's team wins the #justice prize in Global Innovation Competition

nooshin erfani justice winnerNooshin Erfani is the project coordinator of the The Wits Justice Project which won gold at the Making All Voices Count 2015 Global Innovation Competition in Jakarta. Out of 241 global ideas, the Citizen Justice Network was one of five finalists who won gold.

The Citizen Justice Network project aims to activate marginalized communities to fight miscarriages of justice.

It will train eight community activists across the country in basic journalism and the use of technology.
Activists will be sourced from rural areas where platforms for reporting on stories of miscarriages of justice in the criminal justice system are minimal.

The project will enrich community radio and online media. It will provide local activists with an opportunity to expose stories not necessarily covered by mainstream journalists, bridging the gap between community and mainstream media.

Diana Severati
Diana Severati

Italy - Daniele Gotti's ebbf experience

daniele-gottiDaniele Gotti is Administrator at NUR Internet Marketing. He attended the last two ebbf conferences, in London and in Barcelona.

“It was a unique experience. The meaningful conversations, the relevance of the topics and the personal, professional and geographical diversity of the participants made it a great opportunity for sharing and mutual enrichment.”

About the ebbf values, he says that they are well formulated, effective and clearly explained during the conference, allowing participants to create their ideal model of enterprise.

“I recommend the experience of an ebbf conference to all the people interested in improving their workplace, strenghtening their professional skills with strong values and taking a challenge.”

He thinks that the worshops really help to define actions and to implement them in the workplace. To better do so, moderation is needed. He says that is possible to be more moderated “through and active and dinamic consultation, not only allowing people to express themselves but fostering the participation of people usually feeling uncomfortable of being at the centre of attenion so that is possibleto have different ideas and contributions. This allows to share a projec and a better result in terms of fulfillment of a goal.”


global - ebbf board member Françoise Le Goff shares her notes on #justice

Françoise LeGoffebbf board member and one of IFRC’s directors Françoise Le Goff recently facilitated one of ebbf’s online events. She offers her notes from that rich exploration, new learning and new possible applications of the value of #justice in our workplaces and economic systems.

“Justice is a virtue that can be learned through education and role models, it is a quality that awakes the conscience and creates a process of transformation of the individual who can then, in turn, influence and transform the environment that surrounds us.

Justice can be use to address a truly wide range of issues; poverty, corruption, violence, exploitation, materialism, desires, injustice, discrimination, in all of these instances the value of Justice can correct, improve and even wipe out some of those detrimental elements ….”  Click here to read her more of her notes capturing some of the insights she gathered.

If you wish to enjoy one of these online events, you can view here the list of the UPCOMING EVENTS on ebbf’s website.

Yi Chi
Yi Chi

Spain - Andrei Cimbru's ebbf experience

andreiAndrei Cimbru was working at AIESEC Spain as National Director of Organization Development when he attended the last ebbf conference in Barcelona.




Geneva - Luigi Matrone invited to curate global shapers

luigi matrone global shapersWe were very happy to hear the news today that ebbf member Luigi Matrone has just been nominated to lead the Geneva Global Shapers initiative: “We are proud to announce our new amazing curators Luigi Matrone and Giulia Zanzi Congrats & best of luck! #shapetheworld”

This is one of the World Economic Forum’s “Global Shapers” hubs described as “a network of Hubs developed and led by young people who are exceptional in their potential, their achievements and their drive to make a contribution to their communities.”
We wish Luigi a great experience and impact!

Diana Severati
Diana Severati

#ebbfvalues #Service: How can service to society become the central purpose of every business undertaking?

service_value#Service is one of seven foundational principles of ebbf, which it defines as: “The highest station is service to all humanity and to the common good, a principle that applies equally to the individual, to government and to private enterprise. Service is principles put into action.”
Service is something we regularly live in our lives. During the dedicated video conference held on the 2nd of April we explored “How can service to society become the central purpose of every business undertaking?” with ebbf board member Paul Hughes.

He introduced the discussion telling of his experience in hotels in India. “I was struck by the quality of the service; service was a honour. The service industry in America, aimed at getting tips, is very different from India”.
Some other highlights from the 90 minute online event was that for organizations service is a value, of course, and it can be declined in different ways: service to the customers and serving each other. Service is a state of mind, recalling a quote from Abdul’Baha: “Service to the friends is service to the Kingdom of God”. Service put in action means also creating a collaborative culture even if you are working in a competition based culture. We should also remember the relationship between service and generosity. A good explanation of the value of service in the workplace can be found in this quote from Abdu’l-Bahá: “Work done in the spirit of service is the highest form of worship“.

If you are interested to join one of these online video explorations of values and their application in our workplaces and economic systems click here to view the next online google hangout that you can join searching for the hashtag #ebbfvalues .


#ebbfvalues #GenderEquality : are current company structures enabling Gender Equality?

#GenderEquality #ebbfvaluesDuring the last #ebbfvalues online video conversation about the role of #GenderEquality in our workplaces and economic systems, a very diverse group of individuals with a common passion for the application of this value, explored the answer to a number of questions such as “why are women-led companies more successful?” “are current company structures enabling Gender Equality?” “what success stories show companies that are doing Gender Equality right?”.

Click to this short article to find a few of the answers that were given.
You are invited to enjoy and enrich the next #ebbfvalues online video conference taking place next Wednesday 15th of April exploring the value and application of #Unity .

Iko Congo
Iko Congo

Justice Conference "Advancing Justice: Spiritual foundations & Practical Applications"

JustieThe Justice conference, a Baha’i inspired forum for the exploration of (international) law, global governance, justice and ethics, joyously celebrated 20 years of existence with a spiritually empowering gathering where over 100 participants reflected on the future of justice. The conference themed Advancing Justice: Spiritual foundations & Practical Application covered an array of topics and attracted many professionals beyond lawyers.

Daniel Truran

#ebbflisbon - how can we create tipping points of positive change in our workplaces?

daniel_truran_2012Last night we enjoyed one of the online video conversations in the run up to the #ebbflisbon international learning event, hosted by Sjoerd Luteyn.
A fascinating learning experience that lead me to write this article how can we create tipping points of positive change in our workplaces?

Don’t miss your opportunity to join the next #ebbfvalues hangout tonight dedicated to exploring the role of #GenderEquality in our workplaces and new economic systems with board member Wendi Momen.

You can see here all the opportunities you can enjoy this month for online, local and international ebbf meaningful interactions.

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