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What is the role of multilateral banks to create a more just development out of the crisis?

#ebbfmember Augusto Lopez-Claros just shared “In difficult times, Strengthening the Lending Capacity of the Multilateral Development Banks”


Looking for an ebbf story teller / writer and August learning opportunities

What unites ebbf members?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if … ?

And what ebbf learning opportunities are open for you this August?



Climate Change & Materialism: Challenges for an Ever-Advancing Civilization

You can enjoy reading highlights from a webinar in this ebbf / wilmette webinar series, with #ebbfmember Gary Reusche.
Addressing questions about Social Action, How should we join movements? How do we choose which movements are worth joining? How do we get involved with youth groups, if that’s where the energy is? How can we make our legislators do what’s right? and more…



Building Economically Cohesive Communities

You can now read the summary (written by Sara DeHoff) or watch the recording of the webinar offered by Jean Parker on “Building Economically Cohesive Communities”.



#ebbfmember personal stories of ebbf impact

We asked a few ebbf members from around the world to share some of the diverse ways in which they used the ebbf community to progress their impact, overcome barriers and co-create meaningful projects, transform their organizations …
and ultimately contribute to building the future.

Here is what we learnt:

Read personal stories of ebbf impact


ebbf JADE partnership creates pro bono experts for your company

Daniel Schaubacher is the longest serving member of ebbf’s external affairs team and has created yet another great partnership for ebbf that is now being put to use for the benefit of ebbf members’ companies.

If you are seeking for professional help, JADE/JE Europe-Jr Entrepreneurs offer FREE engineering, management, marketing, computer & feasibility consulting services to:

a) encourage, facilitate the creation of sustainable enterprises

b) promote an intergenerational dialogue and contacts with younger engineering and business professionals

See the attached document for more info.


ebbf's #rethinksuccess first virtual conference ends with new sights

What was described by participants as “unbelievABLE and inspiring”, “Full of hope”, “Totally Awesome”, “Thrilling”, “Uplifting”, “Amazing conference,  amazing people, amazing ideas” , ebbf’s 1st virtual annual conference in its 30 years history helped us #rethinksuccess and set our sights and actions to new levels of focus and impact.

The concept of universal participation, with each of us contributing to building this new, better, form of success at the personal, organizational and societal level.

We have a special 50 Euro ticket if you wish to access all the recordings and powerpoints of all presentations and be part of the interactive event platform we have filled with content and most importantly amazing individuals.

Accessing event's recordings and community


ebbf's #rethinksuccess manifesto, your ideas on success

In the “#RethinkSuccess manifesto” some of the key words shared by participants who took part in the #RethinkSuccess inquiry ( you can still contribute your thoughts on success here ).

An opportunity to better understand what is aligned and what is not in our and our organization’s approach to success.

ABOUT TO START, ebbf’s annual conference dedicated to explore this topic.



NOW is the time to #RethinkSuccess NEXT WEEK annual conference

Now is the time to #RethinkSuccess.

NEXT WEEK, the first ebbf virtual annual conference will be the most sustainable and emission free in the 30 year history of learning events.

That and more opportunities for you to Rethink Success, personal, organization and societal success, being offered by ebbf:

Find out how …

Global governance is failing us when we need it most, what needs to change?

You can view in the video above the summary of one of the most viewed of all #ebbfwebinars, where #ebbfmembers Maja Groff and Arthur Dahl shared their research and key findings from their recent book, co-authored with Augusto Lopez-Claros and , the winner from over 14,000 entries of the New Shape Prize: “Global Governance and the Emergence of Global Institutions for the 21st Century”

View video here

Read Augusto recent article here

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