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#ebbfmilan - first reflections arise from the theme of the next international learning event

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You can read below some of the first ideas shared by people who already registered for #ebbfmilan , reflecting on the theme of the event.

beyond decision-making a tool for learning

Click here to book your place for an online learning event TODAY Saturday at 18:00 CET

Mika KorhonenMika Korhonen – Values-based leader and software development professional (Finland)

“The purpose of sharing, listening and discussing together in unity and as equals is not only to make better informed decisions. Its purpose is also to enlighten us with different views and see the world in a new way. And in the end, it builds a common understanding. Those crazy ones who think that they will change the world, and eventually will, this is for you. Booked my tickets! ”

You can find more quotes and reflections clicking here


#ebbfmilan - what do you have to share about #consultation?

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 15.45.23During our #ebbfmilan learning event taking place in Milan from 12th to 15th May 2016, we will be exploring consultation in the broadest sense, and are looking for inspiring contributors for keynotes and learn shops to fuel an inspiring and educational event. Whether you wish to contribute some thoughts on the practical application of consultation or a new perspective to inspire participants, we would be delighted if you could come and exchange your views with other forward thinking individuals in ebbf. We would be delighted if you could join in the conversation of using consultation to transform how how we engage with each other to create fairer and ethical business.

2nd February 2016
All proposals will be reviewed by a panel and we will let you know the outcome by email during the week commencing 8th February.

More info here on how you can contribute


share your impact, join the #ebbfimpact campaign

share your #ebbfimpact - bannerWe wish to show the global impact that people like you are making through your daily meaningful actions, inspired by an ebbf event, conversation, member or article.

Share as often as you wish using this dynamic microsite the people you have impacted and actions you have taken.

As you submit you action, you will see the colour of your country change, depending on the number of people impacted and the total counter of #ebbfimpact grow, thanks to your recent action.

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The first 100 days of ebbf Ecuador

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 16.09.14The team at ebbf Ecuador of Farzin Ashraghi, Vahid Masrour, Maritza Figueroa, Shamim Kazemi, Katty Velasco and Pablo Robayo (part of the team pictured in this image preparing a session), shared with us their own path from the idea to the actual implementation of their over 10 ebbf events in just 100 days, warmest congratulations to this great team and we hope their article proves a useful inspiration for others wishing to start their own ebbf local activities:

How we got started

In July 2015, two of members of what would become the EBBF Ecuador team participated in the ISGP (*) Seminar for Graduates in Colombia. The deep analysis and reflection there inspired them and, once they were back in Ecuador, got them to discuss possibilities of “participating in the discourses” that relate to the world of business, in which one of them had a wealth of experience and contacts. Since then, the team has progressively grown to include 3 more members that have a shared interests in the topics that are being addressed.

We requested using the ebbf Ecuador brand as it made complete sense to link our initiatives (which are directed mostly at a business-minded audience) to the global ebbf brand, and also to help our participants realize they are part of a larger, worldwide, community that wants to make a (civilization-scale) difference. At the same time, we obviously benefit enormously from the decades of experience of ebbf on these topics and on how ….



London - Nava Ashraf appointed Research Director of LSE's Marshall Institute for Philanthropy and Social Entrepreneurship

Nava-AshrafWarmest Congratulations to fellow ebbf member Nava Ashraf who moves from Harvard to LSE in London.
In her words “Thrilled to formally announce today a very big move: to be a professor in one of my favourite departments in the world, with colleagues I admire to no end (the Economics department at the LSE); to help spur research at an Institute whose founders have utterly inspired me with their vision; and to build a home of joy and service in the amazing, vibrant, beautiful city of London.”

The Marshall Institute is focused on the transformative impact of private philanthropic action and upon being appointed as Research Director there and professor of economics at LSE Nava stated “We live in a time where there is a tremendous desire to do good – but relatively little that disciplines that instinct or helps us learn how to maximise its positive impact on society. I am deeply excited to work together with the Marshall Institute and my extraordinary new colleagues across LSE to launch frontier scientific research with impact in this vital field.”

You can read here the full LSE press release


Paris - what was the atmosphere really like at #COP21? Report from ebbf & IEF members who contributed there

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 16.42.52What was the atmosphere and the action really like at ‪#‎COP21‬ ?
You can get fresh insights from the ebbf and IEF (International Environment Forum) ‘s members who spent some very intense days at #COP21 in Paris and have shared their photos, impressions, contributions in this report that you can find on IEF’s website:

We are planning an online “ebbf meaningful conversation” event soon to allow you to interact with them on what happened and what will happen.


This Friday and Saturday help co-create the next ebbf international event: consultation, beyond decision-making a tool for learning

ebbf event - consultation beyond decision making a tool for learning may 2016

This Friday and Saturday you are invited to co-create the next ebbf international event
(taking place in Milan from 18:00 on the 12th to the 15th of May 2016)

JOIN one of three pre-event online meetings taking place this week
for a learning experience on the topic of the event:
consultation, beyond decision-making a tool for learning

You can find here more information on how to join one or more of these three session


Geneva - big donors news sparks in Nauman Hussain ideas on how banks should adapt to new forms of return on investment

nauman hussainBelow some ideas shared by ebbf member Nauman Hussain, working in private equity banking and frequently representing ebbf at ethical and impact investing events.

“Following the decision of the Zuckerberg’s to donate 99% of their wealth I have been thinking more about the question of wealth definition and its management in banks. I feel we need to redefine wealth and especially wealth accumulated beyond lifetime-spent possible. This decision gives great insight to banks about the new mindset of millennials towards intergenerational wealth and connection to higher purposes in term of wealth management and investment drivers.

If wealthy people decide to contribute with their wealth back to the masses of people and the planet, the banker-customer relationship takes a turn from a  short term performance orientated conversation towards an uplifted and elevated conversation  for long term legacy and what matter most to the investors. We need not only financial innovation in term of impact investment to address this new requirement but also a change in the banking business model.

When Investors consider the planet their home and humanity their family the term “return on investment” takes a sharp turn and another dimension.  Furthermore distribution of wealth through voluntary sharing becomes an approach to reduce the extremes of wealth and poverty.

“Wealth is most commendable, provided the entire population is wealthy” Abdu’l’Baha

We move from a self-interest and short term view to a collective motive and long term view,  and banks need to integrate this new reality in their investment distribution channel. An evolving paradigm in which investor’s wealth connects to a more purposeful investment and more meaningful projects.

In order to address these needs the banks needs to shift their business model from a profit-driven model to an impact-driven model, because wealth becomes a means to an end, and not the end itself.

We need banks who will foster and be able to manage mission-driven investment. Learning to not only offer financial performance but also a social and environmental return. Most recently the growth of social impact bond or green bond are just a few examples of how some financial institutions are starting to innovate in the right direction.”


Washington - Augusto Lopez-Claros posts on World Bank portal, global thoughts sparked by the current migration crisis

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 06.24.39A recent post on the World Bank’s blog highlights some of the triggers of the current humanitarian crisis of refugees, the causes and the solutions are offered in this insightful article by ebbf member World Bank’s Director of Indicators Group Augusto Lopez-Claros. “This phenomenon, of widening income gaps in the future notwithstanding the presence of higher growth rates in the poor countries today is what Homer-Dixon (p. 189) calls “the dirty little secret of development economics.”

“Collier argues that economic development is very much about giving ordinary people the hope that, at some point in the not too distant future, their children will have access to the same opportunities available to children in Germany and Sweden and other rich countries. The notion of convergence … will gradually see in the developing world the unfoldment of the policies and institutions that have propelled the rich countries to levels of wealth and prosperity never before reached in the last several thousand years of recorded history. In the absence of that hope, smart, motivated people will seek to escape from their societies and try to look for those opportunities elsewhere.

This creates a huge challenge for the recipient countries if the numbers are large enough to put strains on rich country budgets and infrastructures and it can deprive the sending countries of essential human capital. Hence the central importance of a focus on shared prosperity; it matters not only for development outcomes, but it also clearly has a security and political dimension that goes far beyond a narrowing of income differentials.”

You can read here the full article


Paris - highlights of events where Arthur Dahl and the IEF will be sharing ebbf values at #COP21

Unknownebbf board member and International Environment Forum’s president Arthur Dahl together with a number of other ebbf members and IEF representatives will be holding a number of events in Paris during the #COP21 summit taking place in Paris.
“We shall have an active presence at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP21) at Le Bourget in Paris, France, on 30 November-11 December 2015. The International Environment Forum is organizing three events in the Climate Generations area for civil society, and co-sponsoring a side event at the intergovernmental conference. The Baha’is are partnering in a side event on ethics at the intergovernmental conference, with an IEF member participating. Details on these events and reports will be posted on the IEF website during and after the conference. At least 10 IEF members will be part of our team in Paris.”

Ahead of the event we were inspired by a statement issued by the BIC specifically for this sustainability global conference, that we encourage you to view:

Shared Vision, Shared Volition: Choosing Our Global Future Together

Just some initial highlights from that statement include: “Anthropogenic climate change is not inevitable; humanity chooses its relationships with the natural world” and “A more balanced attitude toward the environment must therefore address human conditions as consciously as it does natural ones. It must be embodied in social norms and patterns of action characterized by justice and equity. On this foundation can be built an evolving vision of our common future together. And that vision, in turn, stands as a powerful mechanism for mobilizing action around the world and coordinating numerous efforts into mutually-reinforcing lines of action.”

Are you involved in #COP21 ? Would you like the ebbf members and IEF representatives attending to share your ideas and messages?

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