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#ebbfspirit - Are we designed for wellbeing, for purpose or for earning a living?

It started out as a normal weekly update call of our comms team, then Laura Zambelli, Arlette George and Daniel Truran started to as each other about what drives us.

We share with you the kind of “ebbf meaningful conversations” we regularly enjoy and that you can get more of at the next online or international events.


“Human beings are designed for wellbeing, it is our large impulse that moves us forward and when we are stressed we disconnect from that intuitive capacity.

When people give themselves permission to add to their wellbeing they make better choices, and are more comfortable with the constant change that is part of progress. It allows people to be more calm and confident in all sorts of ways.

We are told to plan everything before we start out but that is not how things work out, the moment you take the first step things have already changed around you. Even when your choice takes you down an apparently blind alley we somehow find that we are brought back and things seem to have a way of working out.

I got into the habit of being anxious about everything and set down to get things …

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#ebbfspirit - from believing in to implementing spiritual principles in your organization - mind the gap (with event keynoter Larry Miller)

Below a few highlights of the opportunity that people from around the world took to interact with #ebbfspirit international event speaker Larry Miller.

He answered questions on the challenge of designing into your organizations the systems, structures and habit patterns that reflect principles like justice, consultation, unity or moderation.

See how to join ebbf’s next online video conference

You can also explore the broader theme of why and how the spiritual enterprise can be part of ethical business building the future, with like-minded business people and entrepreneurs from around the world by coming physically to the international event MORE INFO HERE:

We asked Larry where do we start implementing new principles and change?

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#ebbfspirit contributor Arthur Dahl to offer Wilmette Sustainable Development and Prosperity course

You will be able to interact with ebbf board member and IEF president Arthur Dahl at the next #ebbfspirit international event, but you can also enjoy his inspiration and ideas during a 7-week online course offered by the Wilmette Institute.

Sustainable Development and the Prosperity of Humankind

from September 10 to October 28.

This course explores the scientific and spiritual dimensions of sustainable development. You will learn to perceive the word prosperity from a new perspective, meaning the condition where the basic needs of all the people of the world are being met and where everyone has the opportunity to develop their full potential and is able to contribute to the well-being of humankind. After looking at the origins and definition of sustainable development, you will study the economic, social, and environmental issues that humanity faces in achieving sustainability and discuss the spiritual principles that can help us find solutions. You will discuss the urgent need to make a fundamental transition away from a society and economy that are threatening our planetary security. You will explore the implications of the new Sustainable Development Goals and of Agenda 2030 adopted at the United Nations. Finally, you will look at the importance of education reinforced with spiritual values as the basis for helping each of us detach ourselves from Western materialistic civilization; reexamine our present lifestyles; and begin to live more sustainably in accordance with spiritual teachings. The course materials were designed from a Baha’i perspective, but they are interfaith in spirit; people from all faiths will enjoy the spiritual approach to this vital topic. Scholarships are available for all who need them.

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ONLY FEW DAYS to end of #ebbfspirit early bird + video Augusto Lopez-Claros on meaningful work

ONLY 6 DAYS to end of #ebbfspirit early bird rate (31st August),

ebbf’s next international event exploring how the transition towards the spiritual enterprise will allow ethical business to build the future. What does that mean? How do spiritual enterprise look different? How can I implement successful spiritual leadership, purpose and behaviours in my organization?

See this video to experience the kinds of thinking and interactions you can enjoy at ebbf international events with an interview with World Bank Director of Indicators Group Augusto Lopez-Claros taken at a recent ebbf international event.






Arlette George

#ebbfmember Nousha Ram on the traits of successful leadership for these complex times: agile, principles-based and collaborative ( Part 3 of 3 )

In the previous two episodes of this three part interview with ebbf Advisory Council member Nousha Ram we heard here and here how leaders need to move away from creating repetitive tasks and towards making their teams’ work interesting, stimulating them and new thinking. Bringing about energy-creating processes. . In this third part Arlette George shares the third part of the interview where Nousha shares other key traits of the kind of adaptive and collaborative leadership, necessary in today’s and tomorrow’s organizations.

Collaborative leadership as the only way to progress in uncertain changing times

So where does Nousha Ram begin this transformative process?

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#ebbfspirit - The spiritual transformation of impact investing, views of #ebbfmembers Jenna Nicholas and Daryn Dodson

Jenna Nicholas recently recognised with Stanford’s Social Change Leadership Award and Daryn Dodson bring many years of experience in working with or creating innovative financial impact investment solutions across continents. We heard from Daryn and Jenna how they have seen a number of philanthropic and university foundations, personal wealth, faith-based institutions leading a shift of investment to better align their values with where they put their money.

The spiritual transformation of impact investing

Divest Invest is the new financial trend which is seeing the values-based individuals in those institutions, influencing the decisions of organizations and communities by divesting from funds and companies involved in carbon fossil fuel, polluting, arms creation and so on and instead investing in green energy or water purification or other similarly positive investments.

Spirituality is interestingly also at the heart of one of the oldest and definitely a pioneer of responsible investing,

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Arlette George

#ebbfmember Nousha Ram: the rise of accompaniment through principles-driven mentorship and coaching ( Part 2 of 3 )

In the previous episode of this three-part interview, we heard from Deloitte Canada partner and ebbf advisory council member Nousha Ram, about the need to create agile organizations and processes to adapt effectively to a fast evolving environment.

Coach for soundness of principles

Nousha Ram observes that “With the rise of the sharing economy: Airbnb, Uber, for example; we are starting to see how the foundation of any business idea must be the principles of truthfulness and trustworthiness.”

Therefore, the focus in her mentorship is to coach for soundness of principles drawing out: “courage; trust; valuing diversity; inclusivity; bringing our whole selves to work” in order to create, what she calls; “Mega-Transformational Programs, that not only bring results, but which also speeds up the achievemnt of set goals, often creating unexpected additional outcomes and learnings.



#ebbfspirit keynoter Partow Izadi on Evolution & Human Potential: The Big Picture

Partow Izadi is one of the speakers we will be interacting with in the over 20 sessions we will enjoy at the next ebbf international learning event, taking place in Bucharest from the 12th to the 15th of October.

He shares below a few initial thoughts reflecting the theme of the event: can ethical business build the future through the spiritual enterprise?

“The ongoing global crisis may induce some to despair and give in to cynicism. Yet, viewed in the context of human evolution, we may not be experiencing just a random phase of trouble and conflict, with no light at the end of the tunnel.

All living things — including humankind as a whole — evolve through periods of stable development as well as rapid and painful transitions, crisis. While the risks in such transitions are considerable, the opportunities are even more consequential and have, indeed, spurred the human species on its social evolution.

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Arlette George

#ebbfmember Nousha Ram on the traits of successful leadership for these complex times: agile, principles-based and collaborative ( Part 1 of 3 )

As we collectively uncover the nature of meaningful work for the 21st Century, Nousha Ram, who works in complex technology project delivery as a Partner at Deloitte Canada and is a member of ebbf’s advisory council has, what may be called, regenerative insights that address many of the issues faced by leaders and teams in these times. We start with the first episode of this three-part interview.

A new agile approach is needed
The essence of Nousha Ram’s role is to help companies maximize the value of IT investments and have IT interact with and improve business strategy:
“You need to understand that you can invest in X, Y and Z over three years, spend $10 million to create A, B and C and still create something irrelevant, and that is of course considered a failure. This you want to avoid. You need to know what would make more sense…” Businesses wanting to invest in IT are faced with a dilemma namely, ‘How do we get from here to there when” as Nousha Ram says “We know long term planning is no longer an option in today’s fast changing environment”.

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#ebbfspirit - when spiritual values make front page news of entrepreneurial success, a French story from India

As we are coming closer to the international ebbf event dedicated to exploring the connection between success and the application of spiritual principles, #ebbfspirit – a very timely article features #ebbfmembers Christine, Laurent and Kazem Samandari’s  L’Opera enterprise. An Indian-based French-inspired values-driven enterprise that offers us some ideas on how to create a successful growing business, because of its strong shared values.

As Kazem mentions “it is now just over nine years that our family moved to India and an idea, L’Opéra, which was born in the mind of Laurent has grown in the meantime to a full-fledged enterprise with over 150 employees and 14 outlets preparing for its pan-India expansion over the next fiveshayears.”

It is also important to underline that it is definitely not all plain sailing , Kazem continues:

“This has not been a smooth and easy ride, however, at every step of the construction of L’Opéra we had the values and principles which are the foundation of ebbf and obviously of the Faith in mind. I would not be honest if I did not mention that this came at a significant cost, particularly financial.”  However Kazem adds “the reporters of – People and Management – an HR magazine in India, were particularly impressed by the values which drive L’Opéra to the extent that they made it the cover story of the month.”

This brings home both some of the downsides of sticking to a spiritually inspired behaviour together with the up side of a stronger  brand and a story worth telling and sharing in a number of articles and magazines.



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