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out now episode 5 of #discoveringhow ebbf's podcast - approaches to #diversity as a key resource to your enterprise

In this episode we aim to understand more about the application of diversity in business. Payam Zamani his practical experience with various forms of diversity in his global tech startup company, Carl Emerson shares some wisdom about managing diversity in organizations. Arthur Dahl on what we can learn about human diversity from what is found in nature.

You can listen here to Episode 5

Diana Severati
Diana Severati

#ebbfspirit - Spiritual roots consequences and questions

Ralph Blundell, a consultant based in Portugal – after working in the social services and sector in the UK – explored the ebbf Baha’i inspired values. He is passionate for justice in action and creating fairness.

Why are values needed now?

– our leaders are confused

– we are in crisis – at a crossroad

– multi level disintegration

– doing nothing is not being neutral

– we are all called on to take action

If we examine each of the 7 values, many questions arise and here are some of them, for each one of the values. We invite you to answer to them and to create a meaningful conversation starting from them.

SERVICE – How can we touch the hearts of other and release their loving capacity to serve?

SUSTAINABILITY – How can business move beyond sustainability to regeneration?

MODERATION – How can I balance moderation with a fierce spirit?

HUMAN NOBILITY – How can business guide our choices and encourage our nobility?

UNITY – What can I do in my work to create a climate of trust?

GENDER EQUALITY – How can men challenge each other and support women so we can change?

JUSTICE – How should I (and my business) challenge justice?

Diana Severati
Diana Severati

#ebbfspirit - Evolution and Human Potential: The "Big Picture"

Partow Izadi, lecturer of Global Education at the University of Lapland in Finland, offered the first keynote of the #ebbfspirit event.

Starting from the assumption that the global crisis induces us to cinism, he presented some facts showing that cinism is illogical. Looking at the human race, we are not in a final self-destruction phase but in a transition phase. Two options apply to all the living things: breakdown and breakthru, a painful transition (e.g. the birth of a baby, breakthru applies).

The human potential is not realized by simply surviving: no human child can attain to any of its potential without active education. The same apply to humanity ad a whole: mankind would not have been able to resist “forces of egoism”, of “ethical entropy”, without the education it has reaceived throughout its history. Religion is a single educational process, designed to bring out the potential.


Daniel Truran

view #ebbfspirit event livestream on ebbf's facebook channel

Livestream of #ebbfspirit @ebbf international event starts Thursday 12th October at 16:30 (Geneva time)

Click here to view


What is the function of spiritual values in companies? #discoveringhow ebbf's podcast episode 4 out now


In this fourth episode of ebbf’s ethical business building the future #discoveringhow podcast we hear more about the function of spiritual values in companies.

Doug Henck gives us practical examples from his career for applying spiritual values in complex global business environments. Marjo Lips-Wiersma new mandates for corporations for responsible conduct as well as profit. First Maja Groff shares her views on justice as a core principle supporting spiritual values.




Letter from the ebbf board: The Value of Moderation - A Focus on Wealth Inequality

What are your views on wealth inequality and the value of moderation, and possible solutions to the problems of our time? How can the ‘spiritual enterprise’ contribute a way forward?

With its latest letter, the ebbf board has initiated an exploration of one of ebbf’s seven core values – Moderation – inspired by the 1st of March 2017 Letter of the Universal House of Justice.

You can engage in a first face to face conversation on this topic with ebbf board members and like-minded people from around the world during the next international event 12th to 15th of October.

Or share now your own reactions to the letter and questions that arise in your mind,  here on ebbf’s linkedIn channel.



Program of the #ebbfspirit international event just published

You can view clicking on this link the final program flow of this next ebbf international event that participants from 20 different countries will enjoy  from the 12th to the 15th of October.

We so far have registered participants from Australia, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Canada, China, Finland, France, Germany, Iran, Italy, The Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, UK, USA and Kuwait.

Click here to view the event and book your place

Diana Severati
Diana Severati

#ebbfspirit - How can your business apply justice in an unjust environment? (with event keynoter Ralph Blundell)

RalphBlundell_ebbfspiritA lively online interaction occurred during a recent ebbf online learning event with #ebbfspirit speaker Ralph Blundell. The curiosity of people from around the world who took part, was sparked  by Ralph Blundell’s testing questions, exploring the topic of the keynote he will offer at #ebbfspirit , “How can your business apply the principle of justice in an unjust business environment?

He started by sharing his own personal journey and balance of accepting, demanding and living coherently justice in his varied career.

Ralph worked in the Third Sector and public sector till the end of the ’90s. He was focused on social action, working on the penal reform, using psyco-drama in prison, and on social issues like those of refugee resettlement from the Balkan war. He was also involved in the Labour Party with Tony Blair.

During his experience he realized two things: the frequent futility of politics and how helpful business was. It was the time for a switch to business where he thought the fastest road to change could be made. Business is a means by which you can act socially if you apply justice as a guiding principle, it has the agility and effectiveness to allow quick implementations of both bad and good trends.

But his connection with government also helped him see how public policy can unfold in two different directions: creating an enabling environment where civil society and business can take decisions and self regulate (e.g. Internet access, employment contracts etc.).

Or governments can create a controlling environment with rules and regulations strictly set by the central government. However as soon as the regulation is created from above, smarter people find a way around any such controls. It does not work because it is not intrinsic it does not come from within.

Ralph soon saw that in this environment being passive is a luxury reserved to the privileged and he definitely decided he’d not sit on that passive mode and instead look for active ways forward.

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#ebbfspirit keynoter Partow Izadi on Evolution & Human Potential: The Big Picture

Partow Izadi is one of the speakers we interacted with in the over 20 sessions we enjoyed at a recent  ebbf international learning event, 

He shares below a few initial thoughts reflecting the theme of the event: can ethical business build the future through the spiritual enterprise?

“The ongoing global crisis may induce some to despair and give in to cynicism. Yet, viewed in the context of human evolution, we may not be experiencing just a random phase of trouble and conflict, with no light at the end of the tunnel.

All living things — including humankind as a whole — evolve through periods of stable development as well as rapid and painful transitions, crisis. While the risks in such transitions are considerable, the opportunities are even more consequential and have, indeed, spurred the human species on its social evolution.

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#ebbfspirit - Are we designed for wellbeing, for purpose or for earning a living?

It started out as a normal weekly update call of our comms team, then Laura Zambelli, Arlette George and Daniel Truran started to as each other about what drives us.

We share with you the kind of “ebbf meaningful conversations” we regularly enjoy and that you can get more of at the next online or international events.


“Human beings are designed for wellbeing, it is our large impulse that moves us forward and when we are stressed we disconnect from that intuitive capacity.

When people give themselves permission to add to their wellbeing they make better choices, and are more comfortable with the constant change that is part of progress. It allows people to be more calm and confident in all sorts of ways.

We are told to plan everything before we start out but that is not how things work out, the moment you take the first step things have already changed around you. Even when your choice takes you down an apparently blind alley we somehow find that we are brought back and things seem to have a way of working out.

I got into the habit of being anxious about everything and set down to get things …

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