Friday morning – parallel sessions

You can now choose between these five interactive learnshops

1. Arthur Dahl

A deepening interactive learnshop that will allow you to deepen with Arthur Dahl the concept that he exposed in his opening keynote

2. Dhairya Pujara

The opportunity to go deeper with Dhairya Pujara on the concepts, and innovation that he expressed in his keynote

3. Leadership in Multi-Cultural Teams “Is globalization bringing us closer together?
(Christina Kwok)

Think again. With refugees crossing cultures without preparation, in extreme haste for basic survival, the vastly documented dangers of intercultural miscommunication are intensifying. Already in a multicultural workplace or on international teams dispersed around the globe, tensions multiply when disagreements occur over the smallest of things. In our hyper-connected world (YouTube, Twitter, Facebook etc), colliding cultures increasingly cause misperceptions and mistrust, affecting worker performance and productivity.

What new insights or learning do you hope your learnshop will provoke?
This workshop will explore varying approaches to work and conflict resolution that impact productivity and trust when working with people from diverse backgrounds. We will look at a case study of a failed international merger and 2-3 critical incidents that highlight the need to be aware of culture-specific core values that underlie behaviour and use this as a springboard to build trust with international colleagues and business partners.”

4. Transformational Leadership as a tool for exploiting diversity
(Jeff Lynn)

Introduce the concepts of Transformational Leadership, Transformational Relationships and Outcomes versus Results. Build a shared vision with the participants to define the Outcome of the learnshop i.e. “”where we want to get to””; determine “where we are” and “how we will get there”; implement as an exercise in the power of “unity in diversity” in the workplace and beyond.

What new insights or learning do you hope your keynote and/or learnshop will provoke?
The normal mode of operation within and between organisations is based on the Transaction (if you do/give, I will do/give in return). As we see this as the only way of doing things properly, we rarely recognise the associated costs, inefficiencies and issues. However thinking about leadership (not just for leaders), interactions, projects and relationships from a Transformational viewpoint (what does implementation of our shared vision require of each of us?) naturally reduces the excessive influence of the powerful, exploits diversity, values and motivates all stakeholders, and aids the achievement of sustainable outcomes more efficiently, effectively and sustainably. Once this new perception is gained, it becomes clear that Transformational, not Transactional, will be the new norm and that the concept applies well beyond Leadership.”

5. Courage to explore new ways – new thinking, new feeling, new acting leads to new results
(Katrin Stigge)

The audience will experience a field of inspiration and energy which opens their mind to their own brilliant ideas. I share my experience and practical insights about building a community within a corporate company who influenced the company´s culture and leadership behaviour.

What new insights or learning do you hope your learnshop will provoke?
1. I will share a practical example which will inspire others to explore the same in their company.
2. Do you know what „wild thinking“ is? I am happy to share more.

What key questions / conversation topics would you use in your learnshops?

What does your inner wisdom tell you about „wild thinking“?
Imagine you come to work on a Monday morning. On your way to your workplace, all your colleagues look at you, smile, greet … you feel something important has changed. What happened?
Do you know of companies who have the courage to do things differently? How did that start, what do you think? Do you want to tell such a story about you/your company?
Do you want to help someone to shine? Who do you invite to be a mentor for? Here. Today.