rethinking governance,
exploring new frameworks
for decision-making and action
in your organization

ebbf’s 28th annual conference  |  17th to 20th of May 2018 – Geneva

We live in exciting times, the crossing point in the transition towards new forms of enterprises and of evolving economic systems. The future is most uncertain, with the only certainty being change, an accelerating rate of change. We don’t wish to be simple spectators, instead protagonists of the new forms of enterprises and economic systems where we will enjoy creating a more prosperous, just and sustainable civilization.

To help us manage the future we explored together over the four days of this event, the best new forms of governance that are emerging both in enterprises and in society. We co-created new thinking and new ideas that will allow us to create shared prosperity through adaptive organizations.

We tried to understand, explore and design future forms of governance, holistic ones that will allow individuals the freedom to develop their human capacities and talents. Free and happy human resources motivated by a superior purpose that create the kinds of successful organizations, products, services, learning and experiences able to generate shared prosperity, serving the enduring interests of all people.

We challenged some of the myths that make our governance systems so dysfunctional, and in a spirit of genuine enquiry and truth seeking, contributed toward a set of principles that foster unity and guide us toward operational models that promote the development of just, prosperous and sustainable businesses and society.