ebbf’s 29th annual conference

ethical business building the future

rethinking materialism


You aim for a balance between material and spiritual wellbeing in your work and career but you are surrounded by a materialistic work environment.

How can we “remain conscious of the effects of materialism to avoid unwittingly adopting its ways of seeing the world?”

How can we transition our organizations to a healthier work environment?

This is what we will explore together with other people who will come to Geneva from around the world to build the future.

We aim to understand the underlying assumptions that sustain materialism,

shifting from the traditional debate about the concept of “stuff” and the focus on “more or less stuff”

and instead centering our attention on the means that are required for progress to occur.

How can we and our organizations reach the dynamic coherence between the material needs of any company

and its sense of purpose, its spiritual essence, in order to allow ethical business to build the future?


ebbf milan 2017

The practical experiences of the global diverse group of participants attending, together with elevated conversations that open our minds and break down old patterns to what is possible, will provide the ingredients to the art that ebbf has crafted over its almost 30 years of experience in creating these learning leading to action experiences.

“I come to ebbf to refresh my thinking, to create a new level of energy and to find new and much needed ideas and processes that I can then go an implement in my organization the following week.”  ( View here video testimonials )


ebbf barcelona 2016

The event will take place in Geneva.

It will start at 17:00 on Thursday 16th of May 2019 and end after lunch on Sunday 19th of May 2019