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How can we make a social impact? | Ethical and Service-oriented leadership - ebbf netherlands meaningful breakfast



How can we make a social impact? | Ethical and Service-oriented leadership

The seventh in a series of conversations on “how can we make a social impact?” With the topic “The Leadership Dialogue” Presented By Wilfried Claus, An Executive Team Coach. He will share his reflections, learnings, and experiences based on his long career as a consultant, executive, and coach.

The short presentation will be a starting point for a meaningful conversation and explore some of the following issues:

The leadership dilemma “inspire – service – care – control”
What is the impact of leadership on yourself? And your leadership?
What happens, when we experience ‘derailment’ of leaders, with organizations, and stakeholders?

Location, Date and Time
Social Impact Factory Utrecht
40 Vredenburg
3511 BD Utrecht
Fri, April 26, 2019
8:30 AM – 10:30 AM CET

Costs: Free
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More about the speaker

Wilfried Claus is a psychologist who has over three decades of leadership development experience working as a strategy consultant for Berenschot, serving as a senior executive in HR at Ericsson, ASML, and strategy director at Teijin. As a consultant and interim manager, he has guided strategic change processes at Vredestein, Numico, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the FNV, and Het Cultuurgebouw, a.o. He has studied leadership development at Columbia University, Insead, Ashridge and IIM Bangalore. He has published and facilitated workshops on cultural change and Wholesome Leadership. His understanding of leadership is also is strongly influenced by his coaching of executives, being chairman of the United artist Dordrecht, advisory board member of EBBF, and chef in ‘Het Smulhuis’ shelter for homeless people.

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The Breakfast Meeting is a collaboration between Creativo Design, EBBF, and Social Impact Factory Utrecht


Friday, April 26th, 2019
08:30 am CEST.


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