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Conceptual foundations for the betterment of the world


on July 8 at 11 AM EST

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The document Betterment of the Worldhttp://www.bahai.org/documents/osed/bettermentworld.pdf, was recently released by OSED. It “describes the ongoing process of learning about development from the local to the global level. It offers an illustration of how Bahá’í social and economic development is being carried out in practice. The sections that immediately follow provide a brief discussion on some of the main concepts that guide Bahá’í activities in the sphere of development”.

A webinar will be held on July 8 at 11 AM EST to discuss the document, facilitated by Elena Toukan and Duncan Hanks. After brief presentations about the logic of the document, we will discuss it in depth and seek to understand its conceptual foundations. Depending on the interest, we could organize a follow-up session for more discussion and consideration of practical applications of the document.

We ask you to read the document and come prepared with some questions and comments based on your readings, these can also be added to the comments below (in the Facebook “Development Reflections” page) or emailed to Elena elena.toukan@gmail.com or Darren darrenkhedley@gmail.com
Elena is a PhD candidate in education and development at the University of Toronto, including a case study on the Baha’i community schools in Central African Republic, and a collaborator of OSED supporting the Preparation for Social Action program. Duncan is the director of the Canadian Baha’i International Development Agency and former administrator of Nur University.


Sunday, July 8th, 2018
05:00 pm CEST.

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