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creating inclusiveness in and around the workplace - ebbf guam breakfast


You are warmly invited to a meaningful conversation! Please join us as we touch on the theme of inclusion.

Questions to follow our conversation:

  •   What steps can your organization take to support grievers?
  •   What impact does this support have on fellow team/work unit members?
  •   What changes can we make in our personal lives to begin to shift the paradigm of grief for ourselves?Join the discussion!

    We aim at doing this as much interactively as possible and look forward to hearing you share your own reflections and day-to-day experiences. Don’t forget, it’s a brown bag breakfast, so please bring your breakfast or coffee!


    Michelle Sasamoto

    Certified Prevention Specialist / Grief Recovery Specialist / Consultant / Speaker / Trainer

    Just a CHamoru girl from the island of Guahan with a huge heart and passion to change lives wherever she goes. Michelle became a widow at the young age of 37. Her super power is being Mommy to Bella, her adult-child in college. She has walked through darkness after experiencing the death of her husband, Reed, and has felt tremendous emotional pain and grief. Through this darkness she found light and hope in her journey and now uses her lived experiences to help others heal and recover. Michelle lives her life and serves others with a mighty purpose guided by her faith and relationship with God.

    She is an avid traveler who collects memories and magnets, loves baking cookies and layered cakes, enjoys quality time with her tribe, delights in smash-kissing Bella’s cheeks and offers hugs to all who accept. Michelle believes that “everyday life” – whatever that may be – is a celebration. Her road to healing and recovery has led her to endless opportunities of helping grievers find their voice to tell their stories and take correct action steps in their personal healing and recover journey.

    WHEN: Saturday, April 20, 2019 9:00am – 10:30am

    UOG School of Business & Public Administration Resource Library, 2nd Floor



In what way can our work community help a grieving co-worker feel inclusiveness in the workplace?



Saturday, April 20th, 2019
12:00 am CEST.

official ebbf event