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EBBF Basel Breakfast: Spiritualizing Economic LIfe: A Meaningful Conversation with Kami Lamakan


EBBF Basel Breakfast: Thu 18th  May 2017 @07.45 am @ TIBITS Restaurant: Spiritualizing Economic LIfe: A Meaningful Conversation with Kami Lamakan

Spiritualizing Economic Life
“The forces of materialism promote a quite contrary line of thinking: that happiness comes from constant acquisition, that the more one has the better, that worry for the environment is for another day. These seductive messages fuel an increasingly entrenched sense of personal entitlement, which uses the language of justice and rights to disguise self-interest. Indifference to the hardship experienced by others becomes commonplace while entertainment and distracting amusements are voraciously consumed.”
— Universal House of Justice Letter to the Bahá’ís of the World March 1, 2017

Please join us at this month’s EBBF Basel Breakfast to for a meaningful conversation about how we can spiritualize our economic lives.  We will discuss excerpts from a recent letter about spiritualizing economic life from the governing body of the Bahá’í Faith, The Universal House of Justice.

Kami Lamakan is the Principal at The Loop. He is engaged helping some of the largest global businesses (re)discover and pursue their purpose, using a mix of optimism, realism and stories about his kids. He is a very lucky man. He gets to ask really smart people, really simple questions. If they are not sure or unhappy with the answer they come up with, his super-talented team work with them and their teams to uncover their real purpose.
But that is only half the fun. He also gets to help these big, complex companies to pursue their purpose. This is about having trust amongst the people in the organisation. This is about creating conditions where people understand each other and have a shared sense of meaning.


WHEN: Thursday, 18th May 2017, 07:45 am – 09:00 am


WHERE: Tibits Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurant, 1st Fl. Stänzlergasse 4; 4051 Basel

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Thursday, May 18th, 2017
07:45 am to 09:00 am CET.


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