ebbf international event - transitioning towards the spiritual enterprise

Theme of this event

During this Thursday to Sunday event we will be offering a combination of inspirational keynotes and interactive sessions.

We will learn and explore WHY economic systems and enterprises need a new elevated spiritual mindset.

And then find out HOW we can build such enterprises.
What are the key elements and processes that will allow us to successfully bridge towards this new, necessary way of seeing and building the future?

We will come to understand the pillars, key principles, ways forward to shift towards the spiritual enterprise.
How is purpose different in a spiritual enterprise?
How do people treat each other differently?
What kind of leadership drives a spiritual enterprise?

Driven by a new understanding of the dynamic coherence required between meeting the necessary material needs we and organizations face with the spiritual higher purposes.

Higher purposes that makes organizations more purposeful, successful, motivating and better at adapting to this new uncertain era we are facing.

Call for contributors

We are looking to create a truly inspiring learning event attracting speakers and facilitators of workshops, who are able to elevate our thinking and inspire meaningful conversations and actions using topics relevant both to ebbf and to the theme of the event.

Please make sure you :
Read this introduction to the event and to what we expect from speakers

before you

SUBMIT HERE your offer to contribute to this ebbf international event

BEFORE THE 28th of JUNE 2017


ebbf speakers are able to spark new thinking and new ideas. Speakers are not expected to share all that is wrong with today’s organizations or economic systems, rather we are looking for individuals able to elevate the discourse and offer uplifting and inspiring (not just interesting) scenarios of current trends and future states. ebbf speakers are able to connect their talk to ebbf’s core principles and values. They often share personal experiences and always talk of issues they are truly passionate about. ebbf keynotes are twice as long as TED talks:

we assign each keynoter 30 minutes to spark inspiration.


the parallel learnshop sessions are highly interactive 90 minutes slots, where participants learn from the facilitator and from each other. They are not longer keynotes and should never be monologues, with interaction and learning experiences being what participants enjoy most. The learnshop facilitator offers their expertise but most importantly brings out from participants their own ideas and conclusions on the theme you will select.

On average 20 to 30 people attend these parallel learnshops.


Taste of ebbf events

make it meaningful series

This video offers an idea of the dynamics that occur at ebbf learning events. ebbf’s make it meaningful series is the result of more than 25 years of experience, evolving its international events. We discovered that people are not just looking for knowledge. They want to participate. And even more important, they want to contribute. Together we challenge the working environment and come up with  ways of making our work more meaningful, connecting it to a wider purpose. Making change happen at  the level of the individual, organizations and institutions.

meaningful conversations with  diverse, global spread of inspiring participants

What makes this learning event series unique? The international spread, quality and passion of the group of like minded people who attend these events. The humble yet determined posture of learning of participants means that ebbf facilitates the context (theme) and content (speakers and discussions), but you will determine the outcome.

ebbf is an open global learning community

What people value most in attending ebbf events are the meaningful conversations. We have therefore developed a program to make them the central part of the three-day experience. The second layer is the visitors, who come to have meaningful conversations around the theme of the event. The third layer is the speakers, learnshops, and action labs that give us different perspectives on this theme. We leave the event with new processes, new ideas and tools for change, new connections that each of us can use in our own communities allowing us to spread those meaningful conversations and learning.

Highlights from last ebbf event

Click on this image to get a taste of highlights, quotes and ideas from ebbf’s recent #ebbfdiversity international event. Thanks to the blend of keynotes, learnshops and interactive sessions we deepened our understanding of diversity and found answers and practical ways forward on the theme of that event: “how can ethical business build the future, going beyond diversity?”

Conference Prices

Full Thursday to Sunday Conference Tickets
(access to all sessions – excludes accommodation and meals)
  Members Corporate
SPECIAL repeat event attendee Rate (ended 28th May)€ 115€ 600€ 115€ 700
Early Bird Discounted Rate (ends 31st August)€ 130€ 600€ 190€ 700
Standard Rate€ 190€ 700€ 250€ 990

Cancellation policy for conference fee:
Cancellations received before 1 August – 80% refund
Cancellations received between 1 August and 31 August – 50% refund
Cancellations received after 31 August – No refund

Hotel Location & Prices

Phoenicia Grand Hotel


Alexandru Serbanescu Boulevard, No.87,
District 1, Bucharest

Telephone: +40 21 300 08 88 / 889 / 890


See their website here


Full board including breakfast, all meals, coffee breaks and accommodation:

SINGLE ROOM : 107 € (per person per day)

SHARED DOUBLE ROOM: 80 € (per person per day)