ebbf international event - transitioning towards the spiritual enterprise

Theme of this event

During this Thursday to Sunday event we will be offering a combination of inspirational keynotes and interactive sessions.

We will learn and explore WHY economic systems and enterprises need a new elevated spiritual mindset.

And then find out HOW we can build such enterprises.
What are the key elements and processes that will allow us to successfully bridge towards this new, necessary way of seeing and building the future?

We will come to understand the pillars, key principles, ways forward to shift towards the spiritual enterprise.
How is purpose different in a spiritual enterprise?
How do people treat each other differently?
What kind of leadership drives a spiritual enterprise?

Driven by a new understanding of the dynamic coherence required between meeting the necessary material needs we and organizations face with the spiritual higher purposes.

Higher purposes that makes organizations more purposeful, successful, motivating and better at adapting to this new uncertain era we are facing.

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6th of September at 19:00 (Geneva Time)
Larry Miller
Believing and implementing spiritual principles in organizations: mind the gap!.
13th of September at 19:00 (Geneva time)
Ralph Blundell.How can business operate applying the principle of justice in an unjust business environment? 
20th September at 16:00 (Geneva time)
Elsie Maio


The power of truth in branding, writing, consulting and leadership

27th of September at 19:00 (Geneva Time)
Partow Izadi.The evolution of human potential: the big picture 

Event Program Outline

Taste of ebbf events

make it meaningful series

This video offers an idea of the dynamics that occur at ebbf learning events. ebbf’s make it meaningful series is the result of more than 25 years of experience, evolving its international events. We discovered that people are not just looking for knowledge. They want to participate. And even more important, they want to contribute. Together we challenge the working environment and come up with  ways of making our work more meaningful, connecting it to a wider purpose. Making change happen at  the level of the individual, organizations and institutions.

meaningful conversations with  diverse, global spread of inspiring participants

What makes this learning event series unique? The international spread, quality and passion of the group of like minded people who attend these events. The humble yet determined posture of learning of participants means that ebbf facilitates the context (theme) and content (speakers and discussions), but you will determine the outcome.

ebbf is an open global learning community

What people value most in attending ebbf events are the meaningful conversations. We have therefore developed a program to make them the central part of the three-day experience. The second layer is the visitors, who come to have meaningful conversations around the theme of the event. The third layer is the speakers, learnshops, and action labs that give us different perspectives on this theme. We leave the event with new processes, new ideas and tools for change, new connections that each of us can use in our own communities allowing us to spread those meaningful conversations and learning.

Keynoters and contributors

Below the events first confirmed speakers of the over 20 sessions we will enjoy at this four day event

Larry Miller – USA

For the past forty years Lawrence M. Miller has worked to improve the performance of organizations and the skills of their leaders. His expertise is derived from hands on experience creating change in the culture of hundreds of organizations.

His work to create high performing cultures has evolved over forty years of building “high performance teams” in a large number of organizations. He has integrated “lean management” and “lean culture” with his experience building high performing teams and changing the culture at every level of the organization. He is the author of eleven books on management and leadership, most recently “Team Kata” and “Getting to Lean – Transformational Change Management.” He has also published on Udemy nine courses on leadership, strategy execution and teamwork. He has also authored Barbarians to Bureaucrats, American Spirit, and several other books. He has appeared on the Today Show, CNN, made appearances on CNBC, has written for The New York Times and been the subject of a feature story in Industry Week magazine.

….. Larry on LinkedIN

Samantha Fowlds – Canada

Samantha is a knowledge management and research strategy design and implementation specialist focusing on knowledge sharing for both the betterment of the business and the lives of the individuals that work there.

She has a particular interest in applied positive psychology and organisational learning. She earned an M.Sc in Knowledge Management and Consultancy (2003), an Adult Training and Development Certificate (2004), and a Hatha and Raja Yoga Teacher Training Certificate (2004). She is currently completing parttime graduate studies in Applied Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology (-2018). She aims to help organisations share their knowledge optimally by enabling individuals and teams to flourish.

She currently works at Oracle-NetSuite and has worked at KPMG, Deloitte, The Royal Bank of Canada, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, the Toronto Stock Exchange, the Government of Ontario, and the Greater Toronto Airports Authority.

Specialties: She adds vision and depth of perspective to quandaries about accessing expert knowledge inside and outside of the organisation.

Maggie Lu – China

Maggie Lu is passionate about creating employee-managed (non-hierarchal, no boss) and purpose-driven organizations called Teal.  Using this approach, she helped turn a 3 people start-up into a multi-million dollar global company in 3 years. Teal organizations take holistic approaches to business and life, create safe humane workplaces where individuals are aligned with their organizations and are allowed to reach full human potential. In addition, organizations thrive in harmony with its entire eco-system – customers, suppliers, investors, and society.

Maggie has 20 years experience working with both Fortune 100 and start-up companies, leading global businesses, projects and cross-cultural teams in four continents.  For the past 10 years, she has been on a quest to understand the principles behind Teal and is now dedicating her career to share what she has learned with business communities.

She has an MBA from Harvard Business School and is the co-founder of Teal Village, a learning platform that provides success stories, lessons learned and resources needed to create Teal organizations.

Maggie on LInkedIN …

Partow Izadi – Finland

Dr. Partow Izadi teaches at the University of Lapland (Rovaniemi, Finland). He specializes in Global Education, with particular interest in holistic world-view and universal ethos — as foundations for global prosperity and flourishing communities. Through his lifelong experience in the worldwide Bahá’í Community he has identified ethical and social principles relevant to these pursuits. He has worked in a number of research and development projects in Finland and Russia, as well as one year, with his wife, in Vanuatu, helping with the development of local education. He experiments with action research approaches as an instrument for transformation. He offers university courses on Global Education, providing students with perspectives on human evolution, universal ethos and social action, discussing alternatives to materialistic approaches of today. Partow Izadi is also an avid amateur astronomer, heading the local astronomy club, and engaged in science outreach in schools. This hobby speaks for his interest in “all things holistic”, with an educational twist!

Elsie Maio – USA

Elsie Maio, the founder of Humanity, Inc and the SoulBranding Institute is a seasoned keynote speaker, corporate advisor, mentor, and global thought-leader. She inspires and empowers audiences to listen for their higher impulses to create a world that works for all, in practical ways starting right now!

Her talks are based on real life experience: her own personal journey, and her serial career experience in four sectors: institutional finance, financial journalism, strategic marketing and communications, and general management consulting.

For the past 30 years she has advised social impact entrepreneurs and the leaders of the world’s most influential corporations how to lead with their sense of humanity, with Soul Values. Working with Elsie, these individuals discover where their own full self-expression meets their organization’s goals. By the same token, organizations find the sweet spot where their commercial interests delight the heart and soul of their employees, customers and communities, to produce bottom-line benefits too.

Ralph Blundell – Portugal

Ralph is a consultant focussing on leadership, an associate at business schools, a sought after keynote speaker and a whole systems event facilitator.
He has been privileged to work with senior leaders and teams in global businesses across seven sectors, and with CSO’s and governments.

He speaks at corporate events and conferences and has presented in 16 countries to diverse audiences. Once described as a “business guru, leadership guide and forward thinker …” Ralph prefers to say he is fortunate to be inspired by wonderful experiences and people, and that his gift is to tell compelling stories that entertain, challenge and provoke questions.

Ralph lives in Portugal with his artist wife and has two wonderful adult children. He is an active ebbf member, musician, keen gardner, and has recently rediscovered the pain and pleasures of riding a bike.

….. Ralph on LinkedIN

Paul Palmarozza – UK

Paul has 53 years business experience, 48 in management positions. In 1987 he founded an e-learning company which became a publicly listed company on the London AIM Stock Exchange in 2001. In 2011 he co-founded a partnership, Principled Business, specialising in Business Ethics training using drama based videos and in 2013 started If I Can…CIC, a not-for-profit company which offers a free Mindfulness based values app. See www.ificanapp.com. He is currently working a new project, an e-learning values app for business, The Ethical Entrepreneur. He has tutored philosophy courses for 40 years as a member of the School of Economic Science and is currently a Guest Lecturer at Regents University Business School. Books written- From Principles to Profit, If I can…Timeless Values for Today and In Praise of Silence.

Paul on LinkedIn …

Birgit Peeters – Belgium 

Birgit Peeters is a Belgian polyglot, she lived and worked in 5 countries, speaks 7 languages and is the mother of 2 daughters aged 14 and 12. In all her projects, she aims to blow life into people and organizations, whether as a “good vibes” coach or as a specialist in “other ways of working”. She works hard to bring more creativity in the workplace as it is a solution to people and companies needs. As a change maker, she helps companies to implement socio-economical management styles and different work forms such as teleworking, job sharing and intergenerational management. As a coach, she helps people to find their place focusing on their natural born talents. She loves reading, learning, travelling, playing theatre, exchanging with others and making people laugh.

… Birgit on LInkedIn 

Wilfried Claus – The Netherlands

Wilfried Claus

Wilfried is a Corporate Senior Executive in Strategy, Business Development, Human Resources. He has a lifetime experience that he gained in companies such as Ericsson Telecommunications NL managing a challenging turnaround during the liberalisation of the telecom market.
At ASML he managed a triple growth period including acquisition of the Silicon Valley Group.
At Teijin he managed human resources and culture change after the acquisition of Aramid division of Akzo Nobel.
He started his career as assistant professor and as Strategy Consultant at Berenschot and the Strategy Development Group.

… Wilfried on LinkedIn

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