ebbf's 29th annual conference #rethinkmaterialism

ebbf’s 29th annual conference

ethical business building the future

rethinking materialism


In this open international event we invite you to come and rethink materialism,

shifting from the traditional debate about the concept of “stuff” and the focus on “more or less stuff”

and instead centering our attention on the means that are required for progress to occur.

How can we and our organizations reach the dynamic coherence between the material needs of any company and its sense of purpose,

its spiritual essence, in order to allow ethical business to build the future?


The practical experiences of the global diverse group of participants attending, together with elevated conversations that open our minds and break down old patterns to what is possible, will provide the ingredients to the art that ebbf has crafted over its almost 30 years of experience in creating these learning leading to action experiences.


The event will take place in Geneva.

It will start at 17:00 on Thursday 16th of May 2019 and end after lunch on Sunday 19th of May 2019


Call for contributors

We are looking to create a truly inspiring learning event attracting speakers and facilitators of workshops, who are able to  challenge current assumptions, elevate our thinking and inspire meaningful conversations and actions using topics relevant both to ebbf and to the theme of the event.

Please make sure you :
Read this introduction to the event and to what we expect from speakers

before you

SUBMIT HERE your offer to contribute to this ebbf international event

BEFORE FRIDAY 30th November 2018


ebbf speakers are able to spark new thinking and new ideas. Speakers are not expected to share all that is wrong with today’s organizations or economic systems, rather we are looking for individuals able to elevate the discourse and offer uplifting and inspiring (not just interesting) scenarios of current trends and future states. ebbf speakers are able to connect their talk to ebbf’s core principles and values. They often share personal experiences and always talk of issues they are truly passionate about. ebbf keynotes are twice as long as TED talks:

we assign each keynoter 30 minutes to spark inspiration.


the parallel learnshop sessions are highly interactive 90 minutes slots, where participants learn from the facilitator and from each other. They are not longer keynotes and should never be monologues, with interaction and learning experiences being what participants enjoy most. The learnshop facilitator offers their expertise but most importantly brings out from participants their own ideas and conclusions on the theme you will select.

On average 20 to 30 people attend these parallel learnshops.


Conference Prices

We keep conference prices to a minimum thanks to generous donations and to ensure as wide an access as possible.

Full 3-day Conference Tickets – access to over 20 sessions
(excludes accommodation and meals)

SPECIAL repeat event attendee rate
(ended 16th October) :
115 €

Early Bird Discounted Rate
(ends 28th February)
190 €  or  130 € (discounted for ebbf members)

Standard Rate
250 €  or  190 € (for ebbf members)

Corporate Rate
600 € (early bird ends 28th February)  then  Standard rate 990 €


Cancellation policy for conference fee:

Cancellations received before March 15th: 80% refund
Cancellations received between March 15th and April 15th – 50% refund
Cancellations received after April 15th – No refund
(don’t forget to check the cancellation fees of the hotel)

Hotel Room / Meals Booking & Rates


Hotel booking - ebbf event Geneva

This form will be sent directly to the hotel who will be dealing with all your room and meal booking enquiries

  • Click here to download and then send to the hotel your booking form
    Or use this online form below:

    No payment will be due until you arrive at the hotel. (please see hotel conditions below).

    Rates are FULL BOARD per person per day

    . Single Room – 194,00 Swiss Francs
    per person / per day (includes rooms and all meals)
    . Shared Twin Room – 141,50 Swiss Francs
    per person / per day (includes rooms and all meals)
    . Shared Triple Room – 131,00 Swiss Francs
    per person / per day (includes rooms and all meals)
    . MEALS ONLY per day / per person
    Meals Only – 74 Swiss Francs per person / per day (lunch + dinner no accommodation)

    This information is useful If you wish ebbf to select a like-minded individual to share a room with, if you don't have a room-mate in mind.
  • Please write here the name of people you might wish to share the twin room with, if no preference is mentioned we will endeavor to match you with a like minded individual you will enjoy sharing the room with.
  • :
  • Cancellation charges: you may cancel your reservation in writing without charges until the 22nd of April. For cancellation received after this date 50 % will be charged to your credit card. Cancellation received 3 days before (or no-show) full stay will be charged to your credit card.

event location

meaningful conversations held last year at this same hotel



The event will take place at a hotel on Lake Geneva:

Hotel Best Western Chavannes-de-Bogis
Les Champs-Blancs 70B
1279 Chavannes-de-Bogis



The hotel is located close to GENEVA (GVA) AIRPORT and is served by a shuttle service.


by plane, by train or by car.

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