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a Way to Save the Planet and Ourselves

ebbf’s 30th annual conference in collaboration with the IEF

This is a special opportunity to book your special rate ticket for ebbf’s May 2020 annual conference (ends 30th May).


This will be ebbf’s 30th international learning event and a special one to be sharing the practical experiences of the global diverse group of participants attending, together with elevated conversations that open our minds and break down old patterns to what is possible.
We will provide the ingredients to the art that ebbf has crafted over its 30 years of experience in creating these learning leading to action experiences.

“I come to ebbf to refresh my thinking, to create a new level of energy and to find new and much-needed ideas and processes that I can then go an implement in my organization the following week.”  ( View here video testimonials )


The event will take place in Lisbon.

It will start at 17:00 on Thursday the 14th of May 2020 and end after lunch on Sunday the 17th of May 2020


Event Location

Hotel Real Oeiras
Lisbon, Portugal

Conference Prices

We keep conference prices to a minimum thanks to generous donations and to ensure as wide an access as possible.

Full 3-day Conference Tickets – access to over 20 sessions
(excludes accommodation and meals)

SPECIAL repeat event attendee rate
(ends 30th May) :
115 €

Early Bird Discounted Rate
(ends 28th February)
190 €  or  130 € (discounted for ebbf members)

Standard Rate
250 €  or  190 € (for ebbf members)

Corporate Rate
600 € (early bird ended 28th February)  then  Standard rate 990 €


Cancellation policy for conference fee:

Cancellations received before March 15th: 80% refund
Cancellations received between March 15th and April 15th – 50% refund
Cancellations received after April 15th – No refund
(don’t forget to check the cancellation fees of the hotel)