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planting ideas, changing the economy and investing in the future - ebbf basel meaningful breakfast


JOIN US in values-driven networking and learning

ebbf Basel, invites you to join the next informal gathering in the ethics and business “meaningful conversations” series on Thursday 25th June with the basel ebbf team.
“Ideen pflanzen (plant ideas) – Wirtschaft ändern (change economy) – Zukunft ernten (harvest future)”

Balancing social, ecological and economical goals with a real life example
The German based BaumInvest AG (http://bauminvest.de) is one of many startups and projects representing the idea that change can only happen from within the system you would like to impact. ~15 years ago entrepreneurial founder Leo Pröstler had the idea of collecting €5 Mio to purchase ranch land in Costa Rica with the goal to reforest it. He started out with a dream of a jungle of endemic trees, which would be managed following European best practices (such as selective cutting over the local practice of clear-cutting), the ecological goal of turning drained ranch land into a forest that would attract various animal species, and the social ideal of forming stable communities around the forests through jobs, farming and modern infrastructure. During the peak of the European Financial Crisis Leo and his son Stefan set out to Costa Rica to find a piece of land and contract a forester service to start planting. With a look on their competition in the market they thought they could bring branding differentiation to an existing industry. Yet things were a little different…

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Thursday 25th June, 2019 beginning at 7:45 am

Tibits Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurant, 1st Floor Stänzlergasse 4, 4051 Basel


Stefan Pröstler, CEO of the BaumInvest AG and the PuroVerde eG started his career as a sound engineer arranging stages for large concerts. When his father Leo set out to Costa Rica he planned to join him for a 3 week vacation that turned into a move. Ever since, Stefan lives in Costa Rica, founded several companies in the business of reforestation as well as permacultural and ecological farming of tropical field crops. Through his auto-didactic approach and his will to challenge the status quo wherever he went, he became a world leading expert in the field. Today the collection of companies, foundations and projects he is co-leading is a valued partner of local government, local universities as well as of overseas partners both in economy and science.


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Tuesday, June 25th, 2019
12:00 am CEST.


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