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#ebbfspirit - The power of truth in branding, corporate strategy and leadership


Take this opportunity to interact with Elsie Maio, one of the #ebbfspirit international event speakers.

The power of truth in branding, corporate strategy and leadership

“Coupled with the systems framework for aligning culture, corporate strategy and brand, such a soul-centered enterprise is the practical business model for our times.” – Elsie Maio

Elsie is the “Business Values guru who is helping to activate the human spirit in business,” says Phil Kotler the Father of Modern Marketing, in his recent book.

Engage with her on September 20 in a starter conversation about principles and practices to lead authentically, and in such a way that focuses the passion of employees and inspires the enthusiastic collaboration of customers and investors for the broader good.

You can also hear some of Elsie’s ideas in her #discoveringhow ebbf podcast interview episode 2

The topic introduced in this online web event will be fully developed by Elsie during the four day #ebbfspirit international event ( see here more details )

WHEN: Wednesday 20th of September at 16:00 (GENEVA TIME)



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Wednesday, September 20th, 2017
04:00 pm to 05:00 pm CEST.


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