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What Is True Justice: Intersection Of Education And Entrepreneurship - ebbf New York CSW event


What Is True Justice: Intersection Of Education And Entrepreneurship


Zarin Hainsworth OBE, Coordinator ADVANCE


Gono Gamuchirai, Rozaria Memorial Trust, Zimbabwe Nicole Russ, Entrepreneur, USA
Ayushi Kundu, Advocate, CalcuJa High Court
Mervin Ekpen Azeta, Energy Professional, Nigeria Smtsmi Patel, NAWO YWA, UK

Esther Tearle, NAWO YWA, UK

ADVANCE works in the priority areas of entrepreneurship, educaPon and jusPce for women and girls. It seeks to bring like-minded people together to share creaPve soluPons. It provides training and awareness raising and highlights projects and programmes that have been successful especially in cross-cuUng areas.

This interacPve panel event will look at how educPon and entrepreneurship can help women and girls access services and protecPon. It also seeks to quesPon the jusPce of profit and benefits. Experts and acPvists from around the globe will share best pracPce and develop this discourse for jusPce and prosperity for all.

There will be Pme for discussions amongst parPcipants in order to make the most of the experPse in the room and a secPon to glean top key acPons for learning and sharing.

All Welcome rsvp chairnawo@gmail.com

: Friday 15 March 3.00 – 4.30

WHERE: Baha’i International Community – 866 UN Plaza – New York



Friday, March 15th, 2019
09:00 pm CET.


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