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get to know ebbf: ask any questions about how ebbf can serve your needs, issues, ideas


ask how ebbf can serve your needs, your issues, your ideas

An online conversation giving you the opportunity to ask any question you might have about ebbf and about how this global community can help you create a more meaningful workplace and / or how you can contribute.

The ebbf members-services team (Victor Forghani, Laura Zambelli and Daniel Truran) will hear your ideas / issues and then connect you with specific ebbf members and ebbf services or resources that can practically assist and – accompany – you in our common goal of making our current and future workplaces more meaningful and purposeful.

In this open zoom call you will be able to:
– find out more about ebbf and how it can accompany your wish to create a more meaningful workplace

– hear about your privileges as an ebbf member

– meet other ebbf members from around the world who decide to join this online conversation

– be able to ask specific questions or make any proposal relevant to your ebbf membership

We would like to know who will join the conversation, please register below:

  • Are there any specific questions you'd like to share or are you looking for a more general update on ebbf's latest updates that are most relevant to you?

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Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018
08:00 pm to 09:00 pm CEST.

official ebbf event