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We are passionate about the impact that this organization needs to have, particularly in these turbulent times that beg for a new, successful, values-driven paradigm of work.

We have 25 years of experience in accompanying mindful individuals to create meaningful workplaces through events, tools, publications, courses and meaningful conversations.

We have now set a goal to meaningfully impact 1 million individuals around the world by 2024. Seeing ebbf help people like you to create successful workplaces that contribute to a prosperous, just and sustainable civilization.

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I want to support this organization and what it stands for, believing this is the time to make this kind of change happen.


  • Gift a membership
    click here to offer talented individuals the opportunity to benefit from being part of the ebbf global community
  • Online #ebbfimpact platform 
    600 € to create the dynamic #ebbfimpact microsite.
  • Sponsor young talent
    500 € to sponsor the entry ticket and accommodation for a young talent wishing to attend ebbf’s next international event
  • VIDEO recordings
    900 € towards the production of two new “what is ebbf” “how does ebbf accompany” video productions.
  • Attending influential events
    3,800 € per year allowing ebbf to be actively present at influential global events
  • #DiscoveringHow ebbf podcast production
    15,000 € listen to the first in the series here
  • Entrepreneurship Program
    20,000 € innovative blended learning program, designed around the application of ebbf’s seven core values
  • Proceedings of ebbf’s international learning events
    8,000 € capturing and disseminating the inspiration and new ideas from ebbf’s two international events.

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