Join ebbf, a global learning community using work to build a new civilization

Join ebbf, a global learning community using work to build a new civilization

16.05.18 | comments (0) | | short news from ebbf members

short news from ebbf members

Daniel Truran

First #rethinkmaterialism ebbf annual conference speakers announced


You can book now for this next learning experience, ebbf’s 29th annual conference, inspired and provoked by people building the future, a global group of individuals, who just like you, want to  rethink materialism and create new, meaningful and successful workplace.
There are still some early bird tickets left for you to come and explore how we can create a healthier balance between the necessary material and spiritual needs we and our organizations require.

See FIRST group of confirmed speakers here


#rethinkmaterialism — Consumerism or fulfilling your purpose in life? That is the question! - by Gary Reusche

#rethinkmaterialism — Consumerism or fulfilling your purpose in life? That is the question!

Very relevant to ebbf’s annual conference theme is this article offered by one of the first people to join and become  #ebbfmember over 20 years ago:
Gary Reusche

Full article & new video channel here


Wellbeing as a better measure of national growth than GDP

#ebbfmember Augusto Lopez-Claros was recently interviewed by New Zealand’s National Public Radio.

The journalist, Charlotte Graham-McLay, was interested in discussing alternative metrics of human welfare and development (a hot topic in the country at the moment), beyond GDP;

they ended up talking about gender equality as well and why it matters so much in today’s globalized world.



Achieving Moral Excellence in Business - a new course offered by #ebbfmembers Nabil Elias and Jean Parker

#ebbfmember and ebbf’s dean of education Nabil Elias will be offering together with #discoveringhow ebbf podcast producer Jean Parker a great “Achieving Moral Excellence in Business” course.

It will be offered on Wilmette Institute’s Learning Center ‘s platform and will include modules dedicated to
“Identifying and Challenging Prevalent Assumptions in Business and Management”
“Outlining a Spiritually Grounded Framework for Business and Management”
“Rethinking the Purpose of Business”
“Examining the Concepts of Leadership and Power”
“Upholding Moral Values in a Toxic Environment”

More info here


#rethinkmaterialism - take the question to your workplace and learn how start the transition 14th of January

Two questions will be at the centre of the second opportunity to meet and enjoy ebbf’s online learning experience in the run-up to the #rethinkmaterialism annual conference :
– what were the reactions of your colleagues when you asked them about the underlying reasons for materialistic goals in their workplace?
What happened when the conversation was introduced to them? And during the exchange?
– what did you learn about those underlying assumptions?

Find out more about how we can transition our workplace away from purely and only materialstic goals to a more balanced workplace.
and how you too can enjoy this online learning event on the 14th of January here :

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