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short news from ebbf members

Iko Congo
Iko Congo

PORTUGAL - Karyne Hyde translating the ebbf conference spirit into action

Karyne Hyde applied a very simple methodology at her workplace, to ensure the maintenance of unity in the department, inspired from her participation in the last ebbf London conference.


The spiritual transformation of impact investing - highlights from #ebbfjustice ebbf meaningful hangout

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 11.26.36Daryn Dodson and Jenna Nicholas, two of the speakers who will enrich the #ebbfjustice ebbf annual event in Barcelona, offered an online video interaction on the topic of their talks. As we explore how to bring justice also to the area of finance we interacted on the topic of “The spiritual transformation of impact investing“. They bring many years of experience in working with or creating innovative financial impact investment solutions across continents e.g. Phoenix or working for some of the world leaders in this fields such as the Calvert Funds. Below a short summary showing some of the highlights from the online event.

Before opening the floor to a lively interaction, we first heard from Daryn and Jenna how they have seen a number of philanthropic and university foundations, personal wealth, faith-based institutions leading a shift of investment to better align their values with where they put their money.
Divest Invest is the new financial trend which is seeing the values-based individuals in those institutions, influencing the decisions of organizations and communities by divesting from funds and companies involved in carbon fossil fuel, polluting, arms creation and so on and instead investing in green energy or water purification or other similarly positive investments.

Spirituality is interestingly also at the heart of one of the oldest and definitely a pioneer of responsible investing, the Calvert Investments, with its founder Wayne Silby very much inspired by his Buddhist beliefs bringing a framework of justice to the world of investment.

Values-based individuals and organizations are now very actively using their wealth to influence, they are finding ways to make their money create a positive difference even when they are sleeping at night.

Daryn commented how an assignment from Ben&Jerry had him recently visit the West Bank seeing how a 100 person factory in Tel Aviv had many of its materials sourced in northern occupied territories and there he witnessed first hand about the conflict in the region. He also saw how business still goes on in these conflict areas and how people choose to bring values into the workplace by investing in companies on the other side of the border. He was specially struck, after seeing so many divisions and strife, when he ended up in Haifa and there he saw an incredible symbol of unity in the Baha’i Shrines and gardens there.


highlights from #ebbfjustice ebbf meaningful hangout: helping big business find ways to more just workplaces, serving society

kami lamakanDuring this latest ebbf meaningful hangout, Kami Lamakan (Principal at The Loop), was joined by participants from eight different nations to explore the theme of the keynote he will be giving at the next #ebbfjustice international event in Barcelona (where he also invited his work colleague Jelena Hercberga to attend) :

“Creating conditions for a just workplace today and in the future: challenges and opportunities for big business”

Before opening to the usual open meaningful exchange of ideas and questions with participants, Kami introduced a couple of key points starting from mentioning how his 7 and 9 year old kids replied when presented with the concept he would present “what should work look like in the future Daddy? well it should be different from school now”.  This apparently unrelated comment allowed Kami to introduce how business, specially big business will offer a very different work environment when the children of today will enter the workplace.

Iko Congo
Iko Congo

The Netherlands - Shidrukh Khazen making an impact through the Ruhi Institute

Shidrukh is facilitating a study circle focused on the first course of the Ruhi Institute, entitled, Reflections on the Life of the Spirit, to a group of youth that want to develop their capacities for service to their communities.

Daniel Truran

Monique Blokzyl born behind the wall in Eastern Germany, discovering and helping others create a new kind of entrepreneurship

You can read below the story of personal drive, motivations and current ways in which this ebbf member lives her values and passions, having started her life behind the Eastern German wall.
A story of discovery and determination creating and allowing people to create and evolve their dream enteprises.

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