ebbf - mindful people meaningful work

ebbf - mindful people meaningful work

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#ebbf25 - registrations NOW open for ebbf's 25th annual learning event experience

#ebbf25 registrations now openRegistrations are now open for ebbf’s 25th annual learning event experience. People from around the world will come to Barcelona to live this next ebbf international learning experience.

During this 25th anniversary event we will explore together:

what is the role and how can unity and collaboration
be defined and implemented in the prosperity-creating organizations we aim to create and influence?

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Scotland - Sandya Abrar wins Young Professional Green Energy Academic Award

Sandya Abrar wins Young Professional Green Energy Academic Award #‎YPGEA15Congratulations to ebbf member Sandya Abrar (pictured in the bottom left of this image) on winning the #‎YPGEA15 Young Professional Green Energy Academic Award.

She won this prize after submitting here thesis titled: The impact of bioenergy development on the climate resilience of vulnerable communities in Kenya.

She offers here an interesting summary of her findings:
The purpose of this project was to examine whether bioenergy developments has an impact on the climate resilience of vulnerable communities in Kenya. Interviews were conducted with professionals and several projects and programmes were visited on site. The research, based on evidence, shows that traditional use of solid biomass, which is the most popular source of energy in Kenya, is believed to have a negative impact on climate resilience.
However, most of the interviews and projects visited have also demonstrated that, in certain conditions and under specific circumstances, bioenergy developments can reveal strong climate resilience characteristics. If they cannot by themselves improve considerably the resilience to climate change, some of them, when combined with measures and initiatives aimed at improving the life of the most vulnerable, do achieve this purpose.
This study also demonstrates, once again, how important it is for any project, programme or technology to address the specific needs and tastes of the populations they intend to serve and how engagement, empowerment and ownership by the communities is key to achieve success.
A higher consideration and respect for local cultures and ways of living, promoting a grass-­‐root approach, encouraging collective actions through capacity building and awareness raising, and finally providing financial and political support, will help generate more suitable and targeted technologies and programmes, including those related to bioenergy, that would improve the climate resilience of vulnerable communities in Kenya and elsewhere.




#ebbflisbon - post-event opportunities to re-connect and keep exploring with keynoter Emanuel Gävert

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 21.14.03How can people improve organizations? this is one of the questions we explored during the recent ebbf international learning event.
Emanuel Gävert (you can see him in the image on the left in one of the event’s “meaningful conversations”) was one of the keynoters at the event together with his partner Majken Rønne and he will offer insights and then open the floor to an interactive exploration on “the little things that allow us to make big changes happen in our workplaces”.
Go here to book your free place and join people from around the world in this interactive opportunity Wednesday 24th of June at 20:00 (CEST)


New York - congratulations to Sean Hinton on his new post at the Open Society Foundation and Soros Economic Development Fund

sean hintonWarmest congratulations to Sean Hinton who also keynoted in a recent ebbf international event on his personal story, crossing continents continuously seeking and losing and seeking and finding ways to positively impact through his work in various multinational positions.
We look forward to hearing of his new ideas and opportunities for meaningful impact as he will be soon joining the Open Society Foundations as the director of their new Economic Advancement Program and chief executive officer of the Soros Economic Development Fund.
From September 2015, Hinton will lead the Foundations’ economic advancement agenda, which aims to encourage sound economic policies and wise financial investment that drive shared, equitable growth. Hinton will start in Open Society’s New York office and will be based in the London office from the second quarter of 2016.

Diana Severati
Diana Severati

#ebbflisbon - Emanuel Gävert and Majke Rønne: It's all about little things

Emanuel-GävertEmanuel Gävert, Senior Manager Global Chocolate for Mondelêz International, London, and Majke Rønne, Head of E-Commerce at AG, Sweden closed the conference with their keynote about little things that enable big thing. Being spiritually and phisically ready for the day is what they do everyday. Their advice is to  spend more time in nature. Art and music are another important component, e.g. going to festivals. And how to keep yourself a curious individual? They have a learning library. The different spaces that we have – they believe –  are guiding our behaviours. Moving on to the big things changing values and behaviours it’s really hard: how can we have a transformative impact? They asked some key questions to start a meaningful conversation: What if we moved 30 minutes everyday? What if everyone took time to reflect? What is there wasn’t too much or too little food? What if we lived in communities? What if we learned something new everyday?

You can also decide to start a meaningful conversation after having read this article.



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