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06.04.17 | comments (0) | | featured, short news from ebbf members

short news from ebbf members

Arlette George

#ebbfmember Nousha Ram on the traits of successful leadership for these complex times: agile, principles-based and collaborative ( Part 3 of 3 )

In the previous two episodes of this three part interview with ebbf Advisory Council member Nousha Ram we heard here and here how leaders need to move away from creating repetitive tasks and towards making their teams’ work interesting, stimulating them and new thinking. Bringing about energy-creating processes. . In this third part Arlette George shares the third part of the interview where Nousha shares other key traits of the kind of adaptive and collaborative leadership, necessary in today’s and tomorrow’s organizations.

Collaborative leadership as the only way to progress in uncertain changing times

So where does Nousha Ram begin this transformative process?

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#discoveringhow - launching first episode of ebbf's new podcast : meaningful work

ebbf ‘s comms team has been preparing and just launched the first in the new series of #discoveringhow ebbf podcasts.

#discoveringhow is ebbf’s podcast series where you will listen to the personal experiences and insights from ebbf members, people from around the world living their strong sense of mission in their workplace. In each episode we offer you stepping stones, fresh ideas, personal learnings of people who believe that ethical business can and should build the future.

ethical business building the future, discovering how

In the first episode we will share some reflections and personal experiences by #ebbfmembers on what makes a workplace meaningful.


Listen to the first episodes


Share now your own thoughts / ideas on the topic of this or of the other first three ebbf podcast topics:

Share now your ideas, learn from others


#ebbfspirit - The spiritual transformation of impact investing, views of #ebbfmembers Jenna Nicholas and Daryn Dodson

Jenna Nicholas recently recognised with Stanford’s Social Change Leadership Award and Daryn Dodson bring many years of experience in working with or creating innovative financial impact investment solutions across continents. We heard from Daryn and Jenna how they have seen a number of philanthropic and university foundations, personal wealth, faith-based institutions leading a shift of investment to better align their values with where they put their money.

The spiritual transformation of impact investing

Divest Invest is the new financial trend which is seeing the values-based individuals in those institutions, influencing the decisions of organizations and communities by divesting from funds and companies involved in carbon fossil fuel, polluting, arms creation and so on and instead investing in green energy or water purification or other similarly positive investments.

Spirituality is interestingly also at the heart of one of the oldest and definitely a pioneer of responsible investing,

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Arlette George

#ebbfmember Nousha Ram: the rise of accompaniment through principles-driven mentorship and coaching ( Part 2 of 3 )

In the previous episode of this three-part interview, we heard from Deloitte Canada partner and ebbf advisory council member Nousha Ram, about the need to create agile organizations and processes to adapt effectively to a fast evolving environment.

Coach for soundness of principles

Nousha Ram observes that “With the rise of the sharing economy: Airbnb, Uber, for example; we are starting to see how the foundation of any business idea must be the principles of truthfulness and trustworthiness.”

Therefore, the focus in her mentorship is to coach for soundness of principles drawing out: “courage; trust; valuing diversity; inclusivity; bringing our whole selves to work” in order to create, what she calls; “Mega-Transformational Programs, that not only bring results, but which also speeds up the achievemnt of set goals, often creating unexpected additional outcomes and learnings.



#ebbfspirit keynoter Partow Izadi on Evolution & Human Potential: The Big Picture

Partow Izadi is one of the speakers we will be interacting with in the over 20 sessions we will enjoy at the next ebbf international learning event, taking place in Bucharest from the 12th to the 15th of October.

He shares below a few initial thoughts reflecting the theme of the event: can ethical business build the future through the spiritual enterprise?

“The ongoing global crisis may induce some to despair and give in to cynicism. Yet, viewed in the context of human evolution, we may not be experiencing just a random phase of trouble and conflict, with no light at the end of the tunnel.

All living things — including humankind as a whole — evolve through periods of stable development as well as rapid and painful transitions, crisis. While the risks in such transitions are considerable, the opportunities are even more consequential and have, indeed, spurred the human species on its social evolution.

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