Surprised by this new ebbf website?

Surprised by this new ebbf website?

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short news from ebbf members

Daniel Truran

Monique Blokzyl born behind the wall in Eastern Germany, discovering and helping others create a new kind of entrepreneurship

You can read below the story of personal drive, motivations and current ways in which this ebbf member lives her values and passions, having started her life behind the Eastern German wall.
A story of discovery and determination creating and allowing people to create and evolve their dream enteprises.

You can join her and Jahan Tavangar in the next “steps to create my dream enterprise” ebbf hangout on the 26th of August

and take part in her sessions helping you move from an idea to starting your meaningful and just enterprise at ebbf’s annual learning event in Barcelona.


Monique BlokzylMONIQUE: “At ebbf I found a feeling of being at home and with family, with people who not only share my values, but also an understanding of why we are on this earth.”

EBBF: So what are you on earth to do?

MONIQUE: I think that every human being has not only the gift , talent, joy and pleasure but also the duty to become the best we can be, and then find ways to contribute not only to ourselves but to the …

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Denise Cumella
Denise Cumella

Italy - Denise Cumella's TEDx talk: we are free to think of the future we want

In this TEDxMatera talk ebbf member Denise Cumella highlights the unique opportunity we enjoy to think, dream and make happen the future we want. The gift of this freedom and how we can use it to make, influence and design the future we want to see happen, as individuals and as a society.
She started by offering herself as an example, the example of a normal person and how she was able to influence. Going back to the dreams she had as a child and then taking the audience on a journey of possibilities into the future she is creating for her daughter and family.
See her TEDxMatera Video Talk

Giuseppina Cuccurullo
Giuseppina Cuccurullo

UK - Jelena Hercberga her impact at work helped by attending ebbf event

jelena hercbergaIn the run up to the #ebbfJustice ebbf annual event we interviewed Jelena Hercberga, a participant invited by a colleague to attend her first ebbf event and who will now be offering a learnshop at the next ebbf international event.

Jelena, what was your reaction after attending your first ebbf learning event?

Being part of the last ebbf international event impacted me personally and professionally; meeting inspiring people with different ways of pursuing my same goal of impacting this world in a positive way. I am fortunate to work with wonderful people at The Loop, with them we try every day to change companies’ mindsets; helping them break the bubble of their personal awareness and connect with what happens outside, making them aware about their role in the society and how they could be more engaged. As we like to say “We enable organisations to realise their purpose”.

During the conference I realized that there are lots of people from different cultures and backgrounds that believe in the same values and have a unifying vision: this is simply amazing and gives you a lot of courage and energy. I once read a concept that sounds more or less like “If you are alone, you are one warrior, you need to be an army to fight a battle”.

Why should someone participate in an ebbf conference?

ebbf has this ability to create a great environment where you can interact with people and enjoy each conversation, getting a new insight, discussing it and coming up with a new fresh mindset.

In one same event you can have different conversations on different topics of interest to you and new ones you had never thought, each time enjoying the interaction with different people from very different backgrounds and experiences: this is inspiring.
It’s so much more than just reading an article or watching a TED talk. Through these interactions you can get more, exploring, deepening and getting information and new ideas in a different way.

And last, but not least, this is a good opportunity to build or increase a wonderful network, opening new contact that could be very useful both in your personal and professional life.


Extract of interview by Giuseppina Cuccurullo

Nishat Ruiter
Nishat Ruiter

USA - Nishat Ruiter presenting collaboration and trust to Fortune 500 lawyers event

Nishat Ruiter presented to over 200 lawyers, some of Fortune 500 companies at the Argyle Forum in New York on the topic of Bridging the Gap: Using WIki Technology for a Non-legal Audience. The audience heard about consultation, creative ways to educate their clients, how truly listening to clients and becoming partners allows the greatest impact. Ultimately these steps allow us to move from the current silos adversarial mentality of legal vs. business to a more collaborative approach.

“All solutions start with communication. This is even more important for in house lawyers who work with clients and need to assess the legal risks from a business perspective, not only legal. Consultation is key in this in collaborating on solutions to help both sides make a difference.”

andreas vatsellas
andreas vatsellas

Italy - Andreas Vatsellas researching Life Cycle Sustainability ideas

My research at the University of Bologna this last year was focused on the cultural concepts of development and sustainable production and of “Life Cycle Thinking” approach.

This research program was concerned with the life cycle management of products aimed at designing and realising eco-compatible productions. It was intended to support the business decisions, both in the evaluation of investment projects and in the medium term projection of the choices taken for the analysis of the degree of effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of eco-innovations of products and processes.

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