Join ebbf, a global learning community using work to build a new civilization

Join ebbf, a global learning community using work to build a new civilization

16.05.18 | comments (0) | | short news from ebbf members

short news from ebbf members


Enrico Giraudi's keynote on powering spirituality into material workplaces #rethinkmaterialism from duality to congruence

When #ebbfmember Enrico Giraudi decided to listen to his call for meaning and quit his job he probably did not know he was starting to live one of the best pages of his life.
In this eye-opening keynote, he shared his personal journey and what we can learn about balancing our spirituality and our materialism in our lives and workplaces.
Moving from duality to congruence by dreaming, proofs and action.
This is one of the over 20 sessions offered at the last ebbf annual conference where we explored how to #rethinkmaterialism

You can view his video session here

And you can
read his related interview here

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You can now watch the opening keynote by Sabha Sobhani at ebbf's recent annual conference #rethinkmaterialism

Very interesting and insightful keynote offering key elements from UNDPs research on the way forward for business to create a new economic system and also a stronger business model. How it can truly #rethinkmaterialism

Thank you Sahba Sobhani for your keynote titled:
“How the SDGs can contribute to people, planet and prosperity. A Baha’i perspective on the findings of the Business and Development Commission”

You can also book your place for ebbf’s next and 30th anniversary annual event

more info here


ebbf announces its 2018 annual report - the highest growth in ebbf's impact and reach, also achieving financial balance

ebbf publishes its 2018 annual report.

This past year has seen ebbf’s best year in terms of impact, reach and regular activities. Growth to new cities and the increased systematic offering of local events in key locations has been part of this success. The SDG Activity report compiled by Jean-Pierre Méan has shown the spread of ebbf-created events around the world,

All of the above has only been possible thanks to the incredible dedication and support of a growing number of individuals, who have donated their skills to further ebbf’s vision. The members of ebbf’s operational teams. (see image on the left ) THANK YOU !

Just as importantly ebbf has addressed the challenge of obtaining a sustainable financial balance this past year and has started to plan a new membership offering, both at the personal and the new company membership that will be officially launched in 2019.

This has been a most encouraging year in which the yearning of people who do wish ethical business build the future, has  attracted them to ebbf action-based reflection opportunities that have lead to unprecedented levels of action. Individuals have shown how keen they are to explore how their organizations and new economic systems can contribute to a more prosperous, just and sustainable civilization.




Monday 13th May last online learning opportunity to interact with #rethinkmaterialism speakers

ebbf has created for you this last chance for a one hour online interaction with another of ebbf annual conference’s speakers Sahba Sobhani  (unless you are joining him at ebbf’s annual conference in Geneva) .

You can hear his views and then interact in an open debate with participants from around the world on:

Rethinking Materialism 

how can SDGs contribute to 
people, planet and prosperity?

Just click and log into ebbf’s zoom videoconference link

at 20:00 (CEST = Geneva Time)

or maybe just 5 minutes earlier to make sure you don’t miss any part of this LAST pre-annual conference one-hour learning opportunity.


Don't miss opportunity to rethink business - online course registrations ending now

Don’t miss the opportunity to Rethink the Purpose of Business and enjoy this online course offered by #ebbfmember  Jean Parker (also producer of ebbf’s #discoveringhow podcast ) and ebbf’s Dean of Education Nabil Elias .

REGISTER HERE , registrations closing now:


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