#discoveringhow - listen to ebbf's new podcast

#discoveringhow - listen to ebbf's new podcast

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short news from ebbf members

Daniel Truran

#ebbfgovernance a photo album of the event


You van browse here the #ebbfgovernance photo album of the event

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Diana Severati
Diana Severati

#ebbfgovernance - Governance as a path to truth

Malika Parent offered a reflection  on understanding the root of wrong behaviour starting from her own experience.

Before addressing the topic of the keyinote she recalled the Hermann Ebbinghaus curve pointing out that after 24 hours you will have lose  80% of what you heard and after 30 hours you will have lost the 90%.

From the   humanitarian exposure she moved on to the fight against corruption. Moving to the management side of the humanitarian sector meant for her moving to another planet. The 30% of aid is diverted to corruption. We have many corruption schemes: gift, nepotism, insurance fraud, etc… And  have our own truth, each one of us don’t perceive the same thing at the same time.

There are also two main controversies to take into account: 1. Goodwill can be a myth and a threat to good governance and  2. Wrong behaviour: me vs. others.

Who knows what would do in difficult circustamces?

Diana Severati
Diana Severati

#ebbfgovernance - Rethinking governance in Geneva

The ebbf 28th international annual learning event in Geneva is starting right now. People are gathering around the tables reconnecting or introducing themselves for the first time.

During these four days we will explore the new kind of governance that will allow ethical business to build the future and to discover your role in progressing this. You can live this learning experience with us following this blog, our Facebook page and our twitter profile. And maybe you will start thinking about coming to the next ebbf event.


ebbf announces its 2017 annual report - a year of marked growth in impact and reach not matched by financial sustainability

ebbf publishes its 2017 annual report.

This past year has been a wonderful year seeing a growth in terms of impact, reach and geographical expansion. New cities have seen their first ebbf local events, the number of online events has grown and so has the impact of ebbf members and ebbf activities on a wider group of individuals and organizations,

All of the above has only been possible thanks to the incredible dedication and support of a growing number of individuals, who have donated their skills to further ebbf’s vision. The members of ebbf’s operational teams.

This has however been a challenging year in terms of financial sustainability with a call to action giving the opportunity to sustain ebbf’s role accompanying individuals keen to explore how their organizations and new economic systems can contribute to a more prosperous, just and sustainable civilization.




#ebbfgovernance participants offer "Reflections on future global governance systems"

Prior to attending ebbf’s 28th international annual event dedicated to rethinking governance to allow ethical business to build the future, event participant Pascal Schmidt co-wrote with colleagues Nicola Benigni and Marco Felici this insightful article:

“As we were participating in the Global Challenges Prize, a call for ideas on global governance systems that would help to address our world´s border-transcending challenges, we asked ourselves the question of how to create a system that has (and is conducive to) unity and justice at its core and at every level. How do we ensure that the views of the diverse people of the world are brought into the decision process while still reaching consensus? How do we guarantee democratic legitimation in an ever-evolving system and a continuous flow of learning bottom-up and top-down? Do we want the purest of heart or the most knowledgeable to make decisions and can we induce through an election mechanism that well-wishers of all are elected? How can we make sure that the latest learning from science and religion are embedded into policy? How different would our societal structure be if women would be equally represented among the elected?

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