Join ebbf, a global learning community using work to build a new civilization

Join ebbf, a global learning community using work to build a new civilization

16.05.18 | comments (0) | | short news from ebbf members

short news from ebbf members


letter from the board: why no autumn ebbf international event?



You can read the letter that ebbf’s chair Wendi Momen has just sent out on behalf of the ebbf board to explain the reasoning behind ebbf board’s decision to hold a smaller more experimental retreat instead of the usual autumn ebbf international event that many have come to expect.

Bottom line? It is to help ebbf continue to experiment and pioneer better ways of accompanying you, ethical people building the future.


Read the letter from the board


What stood out for you whilst doing the #discoveringhow ebbf podcast? Bahai Blog interviews Jean Parker, the creator of the series

#ebbfmember Jean Parker, editor and creator of ebbf’s #discoveringhow podcast was interviewed by Baha’i Blog answering questions like:

Baha’i Blog: Is there anything that you’ve found really interesting, or that has stood out to you so far while working on these podcasts?

“The commitment of many people to act on their values yet still achieve success, even if it takes a long time. Also, the risks people are willing to take in order to try something new, and to leave the world a better place than it was when they found it.”

Baha’i Blog: What do you hope listeners will take away with them?

“Hope. The negative elements of the world are unnaturally amplified in all aspects of social interaction. At some point we have to turn our attention to creating solutions. In the current configuration, business holds many of the resources to make that happen. So I want listeners to know that there are people, some of them highly placed, who are innovating everything from how people collaborate, finding nobility in business and how corporations can be structured with fairness to all stakeholders. Naturally, the spiritual aspects of work and business are prominent in the interviews, and I always learn so much about how to integrate spiritual belief into our professional lives. When I reflect on our episodes, it’s like the first glimpse of Baha’u’llah’s vision of human prosperity.”



How can we make a social impact? Creating collective prosperity - ebbf breakfast netherlands

When the title of a local ebbf breakfast event is “How can we make a social impact? Creating collective prosperity” you can be certain of meaningful insights leading to action.

You can read here how one participant lived the experience, inspired by the opening keynote by #ebbfmember  Oscar Mendez Rosa

Want to create your local ebbf breakfast event?

Here are some first steps

Few ideas from past ebbf events here:


#ebbfmember stories of ebbf impact

#ebbfmember Eleonora Ferrero, describes the role of ebbf in her development and career.

You can JOIN Eleonora and other members of this ethical global community building the future here:

see Eleonora’s video testimonial here


Work: Awful or Awesome? - Letters from the ebbf board

ebbf’s chair Wendi Momen has just shared this latest “letter from the ebbf board” describing what makes work awful or an awesome experience depending on the purpose and reasons in which you focus your working life.

“Why do some people hate going to work and others love it? Why does the work day drag on and depressingly on for some people while for others work lifts them up, gives them purpose and brings them joy? Why is some work awful and other work awesome?
ebbf has always promoted a set of ideas that makes work awesome — a new work ethic:
* Everyone has both a right and an obligation to learn a useful skill and to use it for the benefit of all
* Meaningful work in an occupation, craft or trade not only provides material means but also performs a service for society
* Work has a spiritual as well as a material significance
* Work undertaken in the spirit of service to others is worship
Looked at in this light, work can be pretty awesome!
But how do we achieve this in our workplace? How can we make work meaningful? What do we need to do to create an awesome work environment? ebbf is trying to discover the answers to these questions.”


You can read the full article here

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