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Probably the most common question we hear at ebbf is: how can I take and actually implement in my workplace and in my community some of the ‘work changing’ concepts I’ve just experienced during an ebbf learning event, reading an ebbf publication or viewing an ebbf presentation?
This is usually an indication that the individual has decided to travel along what we call the ‘Values Path’ and ebbf aims to accompany you along that path of increasing positive influence.

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The ebbf community has created the nine key activities that you can see below, a set of starter tools for the individual and for the organisation; to help you make your work life both mindful and meaningful, giving hope and contributing to advancing civilisation.
You may also wish to link to the ebbf learning events feed to connect with like minded individuals at the more than 250 ebbf events taking place across the globe every year.


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global events

The ebbf organizes 250 local, national and international events every year, reaching over 10,000 people. From high level events and presentations to MBA and University workshops and courses, these enriching encounters bring diverse individuals together to explore a wide range of values-related topics. These are opportunities to gain fresh insights, to hear original points of view and to interact with like-minded, action-orientated peers.

ebbf international event - transitioning towards the spiritual enterprise

ebbf international event - transitioning towards the spiritual enterprise

about the event

action labs

Be involved in the creation of knowledge and in the active building of your learning community, learn how to implement and develop local ebbf events. Your ebbf experience can now be extended beyond the time and place of the ebbf international learning events; you can bring the spirit and momentum of ebbf events to your own local communities all year round.

Action labs are a specific format of local events, that are designed in a series: starting with meaningful conversations they focus on taking action, while creating a cycle of consultation, action and reflection. These learning cycles will help you create your own local learning communities. Becoming an EBBF member is stepping onto a path of learning: learning to embed values within oneself, to apply them in everyday situations, to share them with colleagues, friends and wider audiences and to seek to understand how doing this all fits into the larger picture.

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Meet Stephanie Akkaoui Hughes, the ebbf member who created action labs and hear more about her passion for interaction

breakfast meetings

The most simple way in which to re-create the dynamics and “meaningful conversations” of an ebbf event, is to organise or take part in your own local “ebbf breakfast” (or lunch or evening …) all you need is a theme relevant to your audience, a comfortable location in which to hold the conversation, someone to ignite the conversation with a 15 minute introduction to the theme and a good facilitator to allow the meaningful conversations to flow.

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creating your dream enterprise

HAVE YOU… Been dreaming about starting your own business? You want your business to fit you like a tailor made suit. You want to do in your business what you love doing most: contribute positively to society whilst generating a healthy income. Looking to balance making a positive difference to other people’s lives, to our society, to the environment, to our world and enjoying a financially sustainable living?

The only reasons why you did not start yet might be that: you did not have a concrete business idea, or you did not have a clear idea about what first steps were needed, or you did not feel like doing it alone, or you simply never took the time to make it happen. If you really want to make it happen, this is your opportunity! Ebbf in collaboration with the Business Launch Portal of ebbf member Monique Blokzyl, has worked with ebbf members Jahan Tavangar and Eva Yazhari to evolve the very successful “creating your dream enterprise” series into a 12-week program to get your dream enterprise started.

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corporate learning experiences

We live in an increasingly interconnected world. Organizations that remain isolated, detached from society are less likely to succeed.  Connecting companies around a purpose that is higher than themselves, having them connect with and contribute to the needs of society not only ensures a meaningful work environment. It gives them the legitimacy to remain in business, to be accepted by society and to thrive at unexpected levels.

The ebbf corporate training program allows organizations (small or big) to train individuals in developing insights and skills that can be implemented. As much as we believe in inspiration, we have more faith in experimentation. Learning by doing: through actions in our day-to-day working lives and by addressing subjects in meaningful conversations with the people around us. This corporate training program offers a seven step path, that helps organizations to implement new insight in their transformational path towards the future.

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SDGs Agenda 2030

World leaders adopted a set of 17 goals to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all as part of a new 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Get started now and act on SDGs using one of the options that the ebbf board highlighted listed in the dedicated webpage in your local community and then attend the summary event of the ebbf SDG initiative taking place at the next ebbf annual international event taking place in Geneva from the 4th to the 7th of May 2017 See ebbf beyond diversity – annual conference link here.

Visit the ebbf acting on SDG webpage

online events

Ebbf offers you the opportunity to engage in one of the greatest benefits mentioned by people attending ebbf events: meaningful conversations with like-minded individuals around themes that are relevant and useful to them. We invite to each “ebbf meaningful hangout” one or two experts in the theme we will be covering. They have the role of facilitating and adding their specific expertise to these one-hour long open conversations, using google hangouts video conferencing technology.

UN Global Compact

Ebbf is a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact, an initiative for businesses and organisations that are committed to aligning their operations and strategies with ten universally accepted principles ebbf decided to formally sign to and actively support these principles considering their direct fit with ebbf’s vision:

“To contribute to a prosperous, sustainable and just civilization by promoting and applying ethical values, personal virtues and moral leadership in business and civil society.”

Find out how you can contribute to the UN Global Compact initiative and see how ebbf’s seven core values reflect this initiative here.


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ebbf knowledge

ebbf members offer articles and presentations at over 250 events, across 50 countries every year.

You can find a selection of over 30 ebbf publications and nine knowledge centres, which explore different ways in which ebbf’s values and ideas can be used to prepare and evolve our workplaces and economic systems in the current fast changing environment.
You will find there themes around values-based leadership, social innovation, responsible entrepreneurship, consultation and decision making, gender equality, ethical finance, sustainability and many more.

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