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Daniel Truran

31st ebbf annual conference: becoming the source of social good

ANNOUNCING ebbf’s 31st annual global conference:
Becoming a source of social good – #ebbfaspiration
Early bird tickets available until 20th of April.

Daniel Truran

What are the new roles of power and authority? VIDEO summary of Sovaida Maani's insights

How can we identify and define a new concept of leadership?
What are the new roles of power and authority?
How can small tweaks lead to massive changes in results?
#ebbfmember Sovaida Ma’ani who will also be one of the speakers at ebbf’s annual conference #ebbfaspiration shared great insights:
Find out here more details about ebbf’s annual conference and the next ebbf events that you can join:

NEW ebbf tracks created by ebbf members, which one is most useful to you?

Paths to meaningful careers, to intergenerational collaboration a new #ebbfmedia track and more … what will be most useful to you in your search for ways to contribute through your work to create the future, a better future? Stories, ideas, initiatives of #ebbfmembers from around the world.

Featuring Shila Behjat , Moneshia zu Eltz, Avah Darling-Donnelly, Nan Chen , Mika Korhonen, Mahmud Samandari , Monica Martinez Vargas , Payam Zamani, Martina Crepaz – Project Management and Organizational Development … and many more ebbf members from around the world !

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