Today ebbf celebrates the women and the companies living its core value of #genderequality

wendiToday ebbf celebrates the women and the companies living one of ebbf’s foundational principles of #genderequality. It is very much ebbf’s belief that “to achieve the full potential of the human race, both women and men must advance equally and develop their complementary capacities in partnership.”

Amongst the many women who have dedicated a lifetime to work every day to make sure this principle is fully applied we mention today ebbf board member Wendi Momen and current ebbf chair, recently awarded an OBE “for her services to Equality, to the Empowerment of Women” and currently in New York as she has been every year for many years, representing ebbf at the UN’s Commission on the Status of Women annual event.

We also salute all those companies that are seeing the logic, the benefit and actively moving forward the concept of #genderequality into their workplaces.

The TEN Best Companies for Women in 2014 article here


8 Stories Celebrating all Women Changemakers and social entrepreneurs

and the fact that

Women-led companies performed three times better than the S&P 500


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