All you need to know about ebbf .

 is a Baha’i-inspired global learning community
that accompanies mindful individuals and groups
through daily work and discourse
to transform business and the economy
thereby contributing to a prosperous, just and sustainable civilisation.

ebbf first began in 1990, then registered in Paris as an official non-profit association, in its 30 years of activity it has grown into a global learning community of mindful people with a common passion, to accompany individuals like yourself:

exploring how to contribute to a more prosperous, just and sustainable civilization, through our daily work and discourse.


ebbf’s seven core values


ebbf accompanies


ebbf accompanies like minded individuals in over 50 countries, by connecting you with new ideas, tools and individuals spread around the world who are exploring and learning through action, different ways to create more meaningful and purposeful workplaces. See short news from our members for examples of recent actions taken every day by ebbf members around the world.


ebbf’s governance


These ebbf operational teams put into practice the inspiring and challenging vision and values of ebbf.

ebbf offers you the opportunity to either use or contribute to one of the nine ebbf key activities and over 300 events are created for you every year, attend or organize one of them.


Want to know more?


Get in touch and we will be happy to answer any of your questions about ebbf, to hear of how you wish ebbf to accompany you and then connecting you with the ebbf members or services most suitable to your current idea, challenge or question.

You can also just dive in and enjoy being part of one of ebbf’s next events:  list of events.


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ebbf’s director general


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