Barbara-de-RoosBarbara de Roos

I don’t just write or publish stories,
I’m creating a space for what’s relevant.

47 years old
Cross Media Magazine Publisher and Entrepreneur

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Marc Vieten

I don’t just lead a school,
I release human potential

52 years old,
School Director

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Liong Lie

I don’t just design buildings,
I put my heart into each place

51 years old
Architect and Company Founder

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Oscar Rosa

I don’t just own a marketing agency,
I grow spiritually as I help others

43 years old,
Innovation Company Founder and Art Director  

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Nushin Milani

I don’t just defend people,
I work towards a more just society

35 years old,
Criminal Court Defense Attorney

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Arash Aazami

I don’t just save energy,
I help others find new energy while creating value

35 years old
Sustainable Energy Company Founder

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