International student organisation AIESEC

The international student organisation AIESEC has been a major partner of ebbf since 1996

You can now use and help flourish this relationship by:

organizing a joint event  |  invite ebbf speaker to an AIESEC event  |  take part in an ebbf event

share AIESEC-ebbf experiences, photos and questions on the dedicated Facebook Page  social-facebook


George starcher“AIESEC engages over 28,000 young people in over 100 countries in a journey to become responsible citizens of the world. Ebbf has found AIESEC to be an excellent platform to reach a select audience which is eager to learn, ready to adopt values, and capable of putting them into practice.”
George Starcher, Founder and President of ebbf.


Lucy Symons“The AIESEC ebbf relationship is based upon shared belief in the importance of values based leadership to the next generation of responsible world citizens. ebbf is a network of connected leaders and AIESEC is a network of those to follow – ebbf has been a strong supporter of AIESEC at a country level, providing speakers, mentors and the external expertise that allows the youth run network to thrive in universities across Europe.”
Lucy Symons – AIESEC Int. (2008/2009).


Emanuel Gavert“The knowledge and the embodied values of the ebbf members who interact with AIESECers around the world is an invaluable contribution in helping AIESEC achieve our vision.”
Emanuel Gavert – AIESEC Int. (2007/2008).



You can read more about AIESEC at their website.

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