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how can we create INCLUSIVE social impact? - ebbf netherlands meaningful mornings


How can we make a social impact?
w/ the topic “How can we create inclusive social impact?”
presented by Eve Aronson of Fairspace


About this Event

The sixteenth in a series of conversations on “How can we make a social impact?” with the topic “How can we create inclusive social impact?” presented by Eve Aronson of Fairspace.

The short presentation will be a starting point for a meaningful conversation and participatory session on how we can create a society in which everyone in the Netherlands, regardless of sex, race, gender or gender expression, feels safe moving through public spaces. In particular inclusion in public spaces will be explored through education, policy change and co-creation efforts. The following questions will be explored:

  • What do you imagine as inclusive public spaces in the Netherlands?
  • How are public spaces in the Netherlands (workplace, school, streets, etc.) not inclusive or welcoming to certain people?
  • When have you felt uneasy in public space (at the workplace, at school, on the streets)?
  • What would you have liked someone nearby to do to help the situation?

A collaboration between Creativo Design, EBBF, EBBF NL, and Social Impact Factory Utrecht


Speaker Biography

Eve co-founded Fairspace in 2017, which grew out Hollaback!Nederland, the Dutch branch of the New York-based non-profit Hollaback! that Eve introduced in the Netherlands in 2015. Alongside Fairspace, Eve is project manager and new business lead at Butterfly Works, an Amsterdam-based social design studio.


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Friday, March 13th, 2020
07:30 am CET.


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