ebbf international event - capacity building


ebbf’s revent international learning event:
building capacity
understanding and developing the latent talent in people and organizations to enable adaptive and meaningful workplaces fit for the 21st century

Mindful people from around the world explored how to create more meaningful economic systems and workplaces.

They investigated the kind of capacity we ought to build in people and in organizations. Explored how workplaces and economic systems are evolving and the new ways to build capacity creating a new breed of collaborative, learning organizations.

They received and created new insights, ideas, questions and processes allowing you to better adapt to the fast evolving environment that surrounds us and the increasing need to connect business models and economic systems to the creation of a more prosperous, just and sustainable civilization.

Eyes and minds were opened to new trends exploring together the new mindsets that will allow us to fully harness this new world order that is emerging, having us and our organizations thrive fully in this exciting and fast changing world evolution.


Highlighted Keynotes and Learnshops

you can find at this link on ebbf’s Slideshare channel the downloadable versions of most of the keynotes.

Why is capacity building important?


What we learnt

We share below some of the highlights that participants shared, giving a taste of the what emerged from our exploration of the concept of capacity building