event overview

#ebbflisbon - post-event opportunities to re-connect and keep exploring (II)


After the May #ebbflisbon learning event, join this online exploration of our learnings and questions with Sjoerd Luteyn about the event topic
“how can organizations improve their people? Through co-leadership? Through meaningful conversations?”

We aim to create applicable knowledge through conversations
1. sharing a story elevating our thinking and possibilities on the theme of the event
2. identifying together what hurdles, limitations or mental models are preventing  us from achieving that ideal
3. can we challenge those assumptions? / what would the world look like if those limitations were not there or we overcame them
4. reflecting what have we learnt
5. identifying steps we could take and ideas we could generate to make it happen, bringing it back to personal initiative

Join this online video conversation


Wednesday, June 17th, 2015
06:00 pm CEST.

official ebbf event