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exploring with #ebbfgovernance keynoter James Jennings "the universality of the language of power"


The ebbf annual conference is coming up soon and we now offer you this opportunity to interact with event keynoter James Jennings on one of the angles on governance that will be offered there.

the universality of the language of power

Language is a significant barrier to realising our values of justice, equality, and human nobility. Case in point, businesses are bilingual. There is the language of things and the language of money. The language of things is the common tongue – it is practical, intuitive and horizontal. It is products, services, materials, customer calls, people, cases, truckloads. Its primary orientation is horizontal because of flows from input to output. It is how people talk about creating value for customers.

Money is an abstract, elite and vertical language. It is the language of power spoken by owners, executives and the finance department.  Its primary orientation is vertical because budgets and results are aggregated up and down. People report up. At the end of the month and quarter, numbers are rolled up. Budgets are rolled up. The financial accounting system was designed to give owners and the management team a way of understanding the performance of the whole enterprise, but as financial information is aggregated and consolidated, it loses connection to the day to day world in which most people work.

As long as some people speak only the language of things, business cannot fully realise equity, human nobility and justice. Fortunately everyone is capable of understanding the language of money. It can be made intuitive and horizontal. When it is no longer abstract and elite, then cultural barriers between those who govern and the governed will fade. When that happens (and it does), people can engage in the management of an enterprise and fairly share in the rewards of higher performance.


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WHEN: January 31st from 19.00-20.00 (GENEVA TIME – CET)



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Wednesday, January 31st, 2018
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