Over many years ebbf‘s ”make it meaningful” series of events has allowed participants to exchange ideas and examples of how to build a just, prosperous, and sustainable civilization through our daily work.

Themes we have looked at during these conferences have included redefining excellence, redesigning the corporation, and investigating the concept of sustainable wealth. However, one question that we come back to at every learning event is: How can I put this into practice on Monday? How do my actions influence the work I do and the world I live in?

The next in ebbf‘s make it meaningful series of learning events will be dedicated to answering that question.
With the help of like-minded people, you will have the opportunity to examine your circumstances, the spaces you live in and the wider trends that are re-shaping the world; so that together we can work out how your actions will contribute to change, meaningful change, in the world around you on Monday morning.

Speakers, learnshops and meaningful conversations to choose from, living an ebbf learning experience:

As in every ebbf event we open our minds through thought-provoking ideas, deepen our understanding of those ideas through meaningful conversations, and be inspired by new thinking, which will give us the courage and methods to implement new meaningful models of work in our workplaces.

You can enjoy a curated learning experience: the combination of sparks of inspiration from keynotes, dynamic meaningful conversations and interactive learnshops, sparkled with those informal conversations with very like-minded yet a very diverse group of individuals. People who share your wish to explore how to connect your passion to contribute to a prosperous, just and sustainable civilisation, with action and influence in our daily work.

make it meaningful series 

Ebbf’s make it meaningful series are the result of over 20 years of experience, evolving its international events. We discovered that people are not just looking for knowledge. They want to participate. And even more important, they want to contribute. Together we challenge the working environment and come up with ways of making our work more meaningful, connecting it to a wider purpose.

The vision of ebbf is: ‘contributing to a prosperous, just and sustainable civilization’. We continuously help the exploration and connection of this goal with our daily actions and growing positive influence in our daily workplaces; making change happen at the level of the individual, organizations and institutions.

exploring justice in your workplace

Is Justice something you aspire to in your life?
In this, the next in the series of ebbf “make it meaningful” international learning events, we will explore together:
what does justice look like in the workplace?
How can we create just workplaces?

meaningful conversations with  diverse, global spread of inspiring participants

What makes this learning event series unique? The international spread, quality and passion of the group of like minded people who attend these events. The humble yet determined posture of learning of participants means that ebbf facilitates the context (theme) and content (speakers and discussions), but you will determine the outcome.

ebbf is an open global learning community

What people value most in attending ebbf events are the meaningful conversations. We have therefore developed a program to make them the central part of the three-day experience. The second layer is the visitors, who come to have meaningful conversations around the theme of the event. The third layer is the speakers, learnshops, and action labs that give us different perspectives on this theme. We leave the event with new processes, new ideas and tools for change, new connections that each of us can use in our own communities allowing us to spread those meaningful conversations and learning.