I am new! Tell me all about ebbf

ebbf is Baha’i-inspired global learning community that accompanies mindful individuals and groups through daily work and discourse
to transform business and the economy
thereby contributing to a prosperous, just and sustainable civilisation. 

The ebbf community is made up of women and men active in over 50 countries. ebbf and its members positively influence 100.000+ people around the world through our daily work, every year. Our members are a great example of unity in diversity: united by the same purpose, making change happen in very diverse sectors, positions and geographical locations.

Some of our members lead the largest companies and institutions, others are entrepreneurs, some are students and others work in SMEs or NGOs. It is this mix that allows us to learn as a community and apply these learnings in reality. The ebbf has many activities. From online Hangouts to global learning events (over 300 events per year). From publications to e-learning courses. From personal accompaniment to being part of global events (e.g. UN rio+20).

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Get involved: the next steps

The learning is in the doing. So if you want to become a member and contribute to our common purpose, the top 5 options are listed in the right column below.