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Lawrence Miller - do you want to be affected or affect the environment around you?

Lawrence Miller offers his views, presented at the recent EBBF Annual Conference, on the traits of a values based leader. 
Do you want to be affected by or do you want to affect the work environment around you?
How can you seek for a meaningful career and follow a values driven path?

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Ruediger Fox

Ruediger Fox about EBBF’s role in him taking a brave uncompromising decision, based on his values and without any idea of what would await for him as a consequence.

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EBBF demographics - Who are EBBF members? (2009)

A short slideshow offering an overview of the Demographics of EBBF members (as of May 2009): 
in what sectors they work, what their areas of interest are, where they live and so on.

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Introducing EBBF - People Inspiring Responsible Business

An short video introducing EBBF, we would like to thank a lot for the beautiful music added to the video, ALL RIGHTS are reserved to Edoardo Piraccini who composed the music entitled Dreaming.

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The challenge for most of the people is not to read the values and agree with them, but to face the internal fight trying to apply those values but not having enough practice / experience / understanding / faith to really make a world-changing difference in their own working environment.

EBBF takes you on a weekend journey to help make you a pioneer:

– starting from the foundations of our values, getting to know them, increasing our awareness of them,
– we will then enjoy hearing the experiences of people who have released these values in their offices,
– together we will then work with them on solutions, ideas and guides that will help us make a meaningful difference in our work environment.

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The Path, an introduction to EBBF

THE PATH – an introduction of the European Bahaí Business Forum, its values, what it does, how it helps values-based leadership in business and in organizations of social change. 

EBBF attracts and provides meaningful value to:

– Established business professionals
– Young budding professionals 
– Social Innovators

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What does an EBBF Annual Conference offer?

EBBF annual conferences have sold out for the past three years by offering a unique blend of speakers and participants that spans across generations, sectors, corporate to start-up experience, UN to small NGO representatives, genders and beliefs all being equally represented.

Testimonials from past EBBF events say it all:
“The conference exceeded my expectations significantly. I thoroughly enjoyed the calibre of the discussions, the organisation of the overall conference and the openness of all the participants. additionally, I found it exceptional that so many people from different parts of the world, different backgrounds, different religions would so happily and comfortably be found in one place, all truly enjoying one another’s ideas and company.” Omid Kassiri (South Africa)

“I thoroughly enjoyed the event, there was such a great wealth of experience and mix of people – I think it’s one of the best events I have ever participated in and I have been to a lot of international conferences. The warmth of people and the feeling of being in a family almost was very special.” Carolyn Dare (Belgium)

“Many thanks for a fabulous conference. It was so professional and with such great energy.” Dorothy Marcic (USA)


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EBBF IEF AC 2008 B02 - Meditation

Opening meditation

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EBBF IEF AC 2008 B01 - Opening

Opening Welcome to the conference

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EBBF core values by George Starcher

An introduction to the values and innovative business concepts of EBBF, offered by the founder and current President of this Forum, former senior partner at McKinsey and Co.: George Starcher